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Baby and The Driver: Motion, Music and Meaning

“‘Baby Driver’ and ‘Drive’ are not road maps to modernity, they don’t offer any route through it that guarantees a safe arrival. The only advice they might offer is to tear up the map itself. To simply drive.”

Welcome to the War: Power Politics in the ‘Predator’ Franchise

“The ‘Predator’ franchise is a repository of the fears that plague the powerful. The context changes, but the fear persists — the fear that the conqueror may one day become the conquered.”

Review: Scott Cooper’s ‘Hostiles’

“For all its attempts at dissecting human cruelty, there’s no human core to this story, which makes its 135-minute runtime feel twice as long.”

London Film Festival Review: Dee Rees’ ‘Mudbound’

“‘Mudbound’ plays the game and begins with a white man, but, throughout the course of an epic tale, it arrives at a moving destination.”

TIFF 2017 Review: Guillermo del Toro’s ‘The Shape of Water’

“Guillermo del Toro may very well be cinema’s reigning master of monster mythology.”

Vague Visages Is FilmStruck: Bill Arceneaux on Woody Allen’s ‘Bananas’

“Maybe the best way to counter ridiculousness is with ridiculousness.”

Tribeca Film Festival Review: Tim Golden and Ross McDonnell’s ‘ELIÁN’

“It’s a miracle that Golden and McDonnell were able to create such a coherent document out of what appears to be bureaucratic chaos.”

Las Palmas Film Festival Opens with ‘Katie Says Goodbye’

“Roberts believes in the subtle force of his nice-as-pie protagonist, and he is right: Katie’s light outshines the blue Arizona sky.”

Review: Martin Scorsese’s ‘Silence’

“For all its violence and grandiosity, it stands as an impressively filmed indictment against religious persecution.”

James Benning’s ‘Stemple Pass’: Minimalist Horror for Trump’s America

“Played in 2016, it’s eerily prophetic.”

Genre Sampling: On Iranian Vampires, Adolescent Demons, Long Nights and Shards of Kryptonite

“Tropes and archetypes are global, fitting into different national contexts while carrying with them the memory of their international itineraries.”

Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’ and the Need for Humane Media

“Love can be what survives if we show up to do the work.”

‘RoboCop’ in the Age of Trump

“It only took three decades for ‘RoboCop’ to go from a sci-fi thought experiment to prescient documentary. What do the next few hold?”

Los Cabos IFF Review: Pablo Larraín’s ‘Jackie’

“Portman’s vivid portrayal is the film’s greatest strength, coasting through woebegone New England accents and the script’s on-the-nose airing of themes in the final act.”

Berlinale 2016: With ‘Chi-Raq’, Spike Lee Pushes the Power of Sexuality to New Heights

“Profoundly funny, shocking, sad and ultimately inspiring, Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq is the rude awakening that America needs to get its shit together.”

The Inescapable Fever Dream of John Schlesinger’s ‘Midnight Cowboy’

“We dream, we fantasize, and we are haunted by that we cannot change. We are desperate to reinvent ourselves, and we always think some other place will be better.”