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Andreea Patru

Cat in the Wall Review - 2019 Movie

Locarno Film Festival Review: Vesela Kazakova and Mina Mileva’s ‘Cat in the Wall’

“Refusing to look down on their characters, Kazakova and Mileva effectively portray disillusion by relying on familiarity and recognition to bring the marginalised closer.”

A Girl Missing Movie Review - 2019 Film

Locarno Film Festival Review: Kôji Fukada’s ‘A Girl Missing’

“While some metaphors seem rather self-explanatory, Fukada effectively develops a multifaceted character by transforming Ichiko from a collateral victim into an accomplice. ‘A Girl Missing’ highlights the importance of knowing when to speak up and when to stay silent.”

The Green Fog Movie Film Review

Las Palmas Film Festival Review: Guy Maddin’s ‘The Green Fog’

“Coherence is the last concern in ‘The Green Fog,’ whose beauty is comprised in the hidden connections between the city-film tropes.”

Las Palmas Film Festival Review: Vahid Jalilvand’s ‘No Date, No Signature’

“‘No Date, No Signature’ excels by subtly examining themes of integrity and moral duties.”

Las Palmas Film Festival Review: Ya-chuan Hsiao’s ‘Father to Son’

“The father’s strength lies in knowing when to ‘protect the heart by pretending to have no heart,’ and the moment when he chooses to do so is devastating.”

Las Palmas Film Festival Reviews: ‘Still Life’ and ‘Knife in the Clear Water’

“These allegorical films remind of the original connections that we have lost.”

Las Palmas Film Festival Review: Kôji Fukada’s ‘Harmonium’

“It’s the demons within that Kôji Fukada astutely brings to life in ‘Harmonium.'”

Las Palmas Film Festival Review: Wang Bing’s ‘Ku Qian (Bitter Money)’

“Ultimately, ‘Bitter Money’ points out that accumulating money doesn’t necessarily bring wealth, and that slaving away isn’t necessarily a solution for the Chinese subjects — it’s their only option.”

Las Palmas Film Festival Opens with ‘Katie Says Goodbye’

“Roberts believes in the subtle force of his nice-as-pie protagonist, and he is right: Katie’s light outshines the blue Arizona sky.”

IFFR 2017 Review: Sophie Goyette’s ‘Mes nuits feront écho’

“We can’t always get what we want, but ‘Mes nuits feront écho’ shows that, in our dreams, we are in charge.”

IFFR 2017 Review: Pedro Aguilera’s ‘Demonios tus ojos’

“All in all, ‘Demonios tus ojos’ is a movie about the excitement of doing something prohibited.”

IFFR 2017 Review: Kevin Phillips’ ‘Super Dark Times’

“The beauty of ‘Super Dark Times’ can be found in its caring and sensitive vision for the characters’ world.”

IFFR 2017 Review: Elene Naveriani’s ‘I am Truly a Drop of Sun on Earth’

“In this promising debut, there is something beautiful about the resignation that humanity can be found in surprising places.”

IFFR 2017 Review: Marcelo Caetano’s ‘Corpo Elétrico’

“The film is more of a mood piece than a purely narrative feature, one that prefers to focus on the nuances of being different.”

Icon Is My Last Name: Andreas Horvath’s ‘Helmut Berger, Actor’

“We don’t who Helmut Berger is. Neither does he. Once a star, he will always be a star.”

The Boundaries of Intimacy Are Explored in Porn-Based Dramas ‘After Eden’ and ‘Malgré la nuit’

“In the end, the two films are essentially stories about connections with others, with life itself and ourselves.”

Demon in Utero Pregnancy: ‘Shelley’ Opens Transilvania Film Festival

“With clear references to the cult horror ‘Rosemary’s Baby’, ‘Shelley’ explores the theme of pregnancy as an invasion.”

Seminci 2015: No Scheherazade Story in Palestinian ‘3000 Nights’

Semana Internacional de Cine de Valladolid: Andreea Pătru on the recipient of the 2015 Meeting Point Audience Award.

Seminci 2015: In the Female-Directed Debuts ‘Princess’ and ‘Flocking,’ Tainted Lolitas Struggle for Innocence

Semana Internacional de Cine de Valladolid: Andreea Pătru on Beata Gårdeler’s ‘Flocking” and Tali Shalom-Ezer’s ‘Princess’

Seminci 2015: ‘Tikkun’ Director Avishai Sivan Is Drawn to Auteur Filmmaking

Semana Internacional de Cine de Valladolid: Andreea Pătru Interviews Israeli Filmmaker Avishai Sivan