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‘Mulholland Dr.’ 4K Restoration: Another Look Behind Winkie’s Diner

“Just as with life, ‘Mulholland Dr.’ is unexplainable.”

Review: Pema Tseden’s ‘Tharlo’

“Pema Tseden’s all-Tibetan film is a confrontation of old and new, of solitude and togetherness, of dreams and reality.”

Review: Josh Appignanesi and Devorah Baum’s ‘The New Man’

“The director’s own forthrightness is, at once, both refreshing and perplexing.”

James Bond and Artifice

“No longer tasked with putting the missing pieces of action, intrigue and effects together in our heads, the artifice of Bond is gone forever — and with it, any room for playful interpretation.”

Review: Sang-ho Yeon’s ‘Train to Busan’

“‘Train to Busan’ becomes obsessed with how its characters will face the various obstacles thrown at them, but the film does not operate with a human desire for justice.

Studio Ghibli Forever: An Initiation – ‘The Tale of the Princess Kaguya’

“As in many Studio Ghibli films before it, the male director is speaking directly to his male audience, pleading with them to treat the women in their lives with the respect and equality they deserve.”

Punk Celebrates Its 40th Birthday with a Night at the Movies

“Relying heavily on the sheer talent of its leading performers, and the loud boisterousness of the music that defined an era, Alex Cox’s ode to punk is pure Anarchy in the UK.”

Studio Ghibli Forever: An Initiation – ‘The Wind Rises’

“Almost as if something out of a Japanese elementary school history class, Miyazaki’s last Studio Ghibli film leaves me with a great sense of numbness rather than the invigorating wonder I have come to expect from the master of anime.”

Studio Ghibli Forever: An Initiation – ‘Ponyo’

“Perhaps not the film for the adventurous young adult, Ponyo proves that remarkable visual inventiveness more-than makes up for candy-sweet morals and glass-fragile plot lines.”

Studio Ghibli Forever: An Initiation – ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’

“Abandoning messages of environmentalism and nonviolence, ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ abandons the narrative moralities that typify the director’s style.”

Studio Ghibli Forever: An Initiation – ‘Spirited Away’

“A careful reframing of the typical coming-of-age narrative, ‘Spirited Away’ displays a fondness those infinitely awkward years, while showing us all how important they were in making us who we are today.”

Princess Mononoke Movie Essay - 1997 Hayao Miyazaki Film

Studio Ghibli Forever: An Initiation – ‘Princess Mononoke’

“‘Princess Mononoke’ explores the gaping chasm between nature’s gentle acceptance of circumstance and humanity’s steadfast refusal to quietly accept death.”

Studio Ghibli Forever: An Initiation – ‘Only Yesterday’

“An enchanting film that surreally embraces the child within, ‘Only Yesterday’ feels like the first Studio Ghibli film to be firmly aimed at an adult crowd.”

Kiki's Delivery Service Movie Essay - 1989 Hayao Miyazaki Film

Studio Ghibli Forever: An Initiation – ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’

“‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’ captures the imaginations of young viewers while imploring the older among them to let common sense go in order to enjoy the pop music and irrefutable heart.”

Sheffield Doc/Fest Review: Tatiana Huezo’s ‘Tempestad’

“Tatiana Huezo and cinematographer Ernesto Pardo have struck a balance between natural beauty and human squalor in a way that mirrors how Mexican citizens have had to live with the ever-present possibility of life-ending terror.”

Sheffield Doc/Fest Day Four: Sir David Attenborough Q and A

“At a festival dedicated to the documentary, the opportunity to meet a true giant of the field was an unmissable, and indeed, unforgettable experience.”

Sheffield Doc/Fest Day Three: Grey Skies, Surprise Guests and Uncle Howard

“Legacy can be a tricky topic for any perspective documentarian to cover, but when that legacy belongs to a close family member, and one who was himself a documentarian, it feels almost necessary.”

Sheffield Doc/Fest Day Two: Politics and ‘Pickle’

“Nothing mixes quite like politics and a funny name.”

Sheffield Doc/Fest Day One: Remembering Chantal Akerman

“The 2016 iteration of the Sheffield Doc Fest boasts a film lineup consisting of 29 world, 20 European and 14 international premiers, alongside an international contingent of buyers and programmers hunting for the best of the best.”

Studio Ghibli Forever: An Initiation – ‘Grave of the Fireflies’

“A gripping drama whose defiant youths refuse to bow to war, hunger and indifference, Grave of the Fireflies is a film for children to learn the harsh realities of life so that they can do all in their power to prevent the cycle from continuing.”