Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘Scream VI’

Scream VI Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2023 Movie on Paramount+

The Scream VI soundtrack includes music by Billie Eilish, Nick Cave and Mike Shinoda. This info article contains spoilers and song details for Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett’s 2023 movie on Paramount+. Check out Vague Visages’ Soundtracks of Cinema section for more music guides.

Scream VI stars Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers, a famous journalist who helps with a murder investigation. Melissa Barrera co-stars as Sam Carpenter, the daughter of a killer who relocates to New York City with her half-sister. The storyline follows the main players as their battle with Ghostface resumes. Composers Sven Faulconer (Into the Okavango) and Brian Tyler (Yellowstone) scored the 122-minute film, which features a total of 23 credited tracks. Here’s every song in Scream VI.

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Scream VI Soundtrack: Every Song in the 2023 Movie

Scream VI Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2023 Movie on Paramount+

  • “Si O No” by Tatiana Hazel (00:00:00): A restaurant scene begins. The Scream VI soundtrack song plays from a speaker system. Laura (Samara Weaving) sits at a bar area in a yellow dress.
  • “In My Head” by Mike Shinoda feat. Kailee Morgue (00:13:00): Ghostface kills Jason (Tony Revolori). The track scores the title sequence and plays again at 01:58:00.
  • “October Passed Me By” by girl in red (00:16:00): Sam leaves a therapist’s office. The music continues during a transition scene. Sam leaves a voicemail for Tara (Jenna Ortega).
  • “Bijoux” by Soap (00:18:00): The Scream VI soundtrack song plays during an interior scene. Sam chats with Quinn (Liana Liberato) about a fraternity party. The music fades as Danny (Josh Segarra) opens a window.
  • “Blow the Whistle” by Too Short (00:19:00): A party sequence begins. Mindy (Jasmin Savoy Brown) sits next to Anika (Devyn Nekoda). They talk about the past.
  • “MENTHOL*” by Jean Dawson feat. Mac DeMarco (00:20:00): Tara speaks with Frankie (Andre Anthony). She agrees to hang out in his room. Anika says, “I don’t love that.”
  • “Luchini AKA This Is It” by Camp Lo (00:21:00): The Scream VI soundtrack song plays during a fraternity party. Chad consumes a shot of alcohol with Ethan (Jack Champion). Music plays from a speaker system.
  • “Walkin” by Denzel Curry (00:22:00): Tara talks to Frankie. The characters walk up a staircase together. Chad fights with Frankie.
  • “when the party’s over” by Billie Eilish (00:25:00): The music sets in during an exterior scene. Ethan gives a tissue to Sam. Tara uses an inhaler and talks to Quinn.
  • “You Have Stolen My Heart” by Brian Fallon (00:26:00): The Scream VI soundtrack song plays during a bedroom sequence. Tara talks to Chad. She thanks him for helping out at a party.
  • “I Am Controlled By Your Love” by Helene Smith (00:34:00): Ghostface shoots a man in a convenience store. Music plays from the speaker system. Tara and Sam hide.
  • “Red Right Hand” by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds (00:43:00): The music plays during a campus sequence. Mindy talks to her friends about “a sequel to the requel.” The track plays again at 01:51:00.
  • “Same Squad” by P-Lo (01:27:00): Sam rides the subway. The Scream VI soundtrack song plays from a phone. Sam and Tara spot someone wearing a Ghostface mask.
  • “Still Alive” by Demi Lovato (01:55:00): Sam drops a Ghostface mask. She walks with Tara. The track scores the film’s final moments and end credits.

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The Scream VI soundtrack also includes:

  • “Picaflor” by Lao Ra & C. Tangana
  • “Friday the 13th VIII Score” by Fred Molin
  • “Friday the 13th VIII Vocal Effects” by Harry Manfredini
  • “Becker Supply Theme” by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett & Chad Villella
  • “Gale Goes to the Back” by Marco Beltrami
  • “Anonymous Source” by APM Music
  • “No Never” by Carmen Dragon
  • “Brothers” from Broken Arrow by Hans Zimmer
  • “Right Now” by Hugo Basclain

Q.V. Hough (@QVHough) is Vague Visages’ founding editor.