Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery’

Glass Onion Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2022 Netflix Movie

The Glass Onion soundtrack includes music by David Bowie, the Bee Gees and Nat King Cole. This info article contains spoilers and song details for Rian Johnson’s 2022 Netflix movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Soundtracks of Cinema section for more music guides.

Glass Onion stars Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc, a famous detective who travels to Greece for a new case. Edward Norton co-stars as Miles Bron, a billionaire who hosts a group of “disruptors.” The storyline explores the events that inspired the focal island gathering. Composer Nathan Johnson (Brick) scored the 139-minute Netflix film; music supervisor Julie Glaze Houlihan (Santa Clarita Diet) selected the featured needle-drops. Here’s every song in Glass Onion, a sequel to the 2019 movie Knives Out.

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Glass Onion Soundtrack: Every Song in the 2022 Netflix Movie

Glass Onion Soundtrack - Every Song in the 2022 Netflix Movie

  • Fugue in G Minor, BWV 578 ‘Little'” by Tatiana Nikolaeva (00:00:00): The Glass Onion soundtrack song plays during the opening sequence. Claire (Kathryn Hahn) receives a phone call. The music drops as she starts a CNN interview.
  • “Mothership Connection (Star Child)” by Parliament (00:02:00): Claire talks about climate change on television. Several people hang out during a house party. Birdie (Kate Hudson) looks for Peg (Jessica Henwick).
  • “Bach’s Music Box — ‘Little’ Fugue in G Minor” by Brandon Frankenfield (00:07:00): Claire talks to Lionel and Birdie about a stereogram. Music plays during a split-screen shot. Yo Yo Ma informs Peg about the composition.
  • “Blackbird” by The Beatles (00:19:00): A Greek island sequence begins. Miles plays the Glass Onion soundtrack song on a guitar. His guests approach on a boat.
  • “Hourly Dong” by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Joseph Bonn (00:23:00): Miles talks to his guests about a commune for creativity. He explains that his “hourly dong” was composed by Philip Glass. The sound plays throughout the movie.
  • “Under the Bridge” by Red Hot Chili Peppers (00:28:00): Benoit approaches a pool. Miles talks to Duke (Dave Bautista) and Whiskey (Madelyn Cline) about the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He stops playing a guitar as Benoit shows up.
  • “To Love Somebody” by Bee Gees (00:39:00): Duke watches Whiskey hook up with Miles. The Glass Onion soundtrack song accompanies a transition sequence. Birdie gasps upon entering a lavishly decorated room.
  • “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by Toots & The Maytals (00:53:00): Miles talks to Benoit about a photo. Duke receives a Google Alert notification. Whiskey says, “You are murdering my vibe.”
  • “Star” by David Bowie (00:57:00): Miles requests to hear an upbeat song. He dances with Birdie. Duke talks about his “Googs.”
  • “Starman” by David Bowie (01:19:00): The Glass Onion soundtrack song plays during a flashback sequence. Helen (Janelle Monáe) talks to Benoit about a bar experience. Andi (Janelle Monáe) comes up with a fateful idea.
  • “Cool Change” by Little River Band (01:40:00): Helen enters a room. She apologizes to Derol (Noah Segan). Music plays from a stereo system.
  • “Mona Lisa” by Nat King Cole (02:06:00): The music plays during a fire sequence. Miles gazes at Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. The famous painting burns after Helen pulls a security lever.
  • “Glass Onion” by The Beatles (02:11:00): The track scores the end credits.

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The Glass Onion soundtrack also includes:

  • “Aeraki (To Thiliko)” by Eleni Foureira
  • “Abzorbing Dance” by Universal Production Music

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