Soundtracks of Cinema: ‘The Fallout’

The Fallout Soundtrack - Every Song in the HBO Max Movie

The Fallout soundtrack includes music by Juice WRLD, Saweetie and Maisy Stella. This info article contains spoilers and song details for Megan Park’s 2022 HBO Max movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Soundtracks of Cinema section for more music guides.

In The Fallout, Jenna Ortega stars as a teenager named Vada who survives a school shooting. Maddie Ziegler co-stars as Mia Reed, the protagonist’s close friend and potential love interest. The storyline follows Vada as she tries to cope with devastating emotional trauma. Composer Finneas O’Connell (Billie Eilish: Happier Than Ever) scored the 91-minute film; music supervisor Peymon Maskan (Loaded) organized the needle-drop tunes. Here’s every song in The Fallout.

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The Fallout Soundtrack: Every Song in the 2022 HBO Max Movie

The Fallout Soundtrack - Every Song in the HBO Max Movie

  • “Conversations” by Juice WRLD (00:01:00): The Fallout soundtrack song scores a bathroom sequence. Amelia (Lumi Pollack) asks Vada about the location of her primer. The music continues as Ortega’s character sings in a vehicle with Nick (Will Ropp).
  • “Oh My God” by Sevdaliza (00:18:00): Vada looks at Mia’s Instagram profile. She watches a dance video.
  • “Flexin” by Tkay Maidza (00:18:00): The song plays right after “Oh My God.” Vada continues looking at Mia’s Instagram page. Amelia and Patricia watch a news report on television.
  • “Gone” by BC Fog feat. Maisy Stella (00:23:00): Vada finishes a conversation with Mia. They attend a funeral service for a classmate. Vada shivers in a bathtub as The Fallout soundtrack song continues.
  • “Tap In” by Saweetie (00:35:00): Amelia plays a song in her bedroom. Vada receives a text from Quinton (Niles Fitch). Amelia records a video of herself dancing.
  • “Stupid” by Ashnikko feat. Yung Baby Tate (00:40:00): Mia enjoys some pool time. Vada speaks about elephants after smoking marijuana. Mia stays chill; Vada says “I hate weed” and falls into a pool.
  • “Braid (mmph Remix)” by Perfume Genius (00:44:00): The Fallout soundtrack song scores a school sequence. Vada returns for the first time after the shooting. She attends a survival guide class.
  • “Brooklyn Love” by Lola Zouaï (00:47:00): Vada trips out in class after purchasing and consuming ecstasy. She chews on a pen and wipes blue ink on her face. The music cuts as Vada’s teacher allows her to visit the restroom.
  • “Shallow Grave” by Wilma Vritra (00:48:00): Vada heads towards the bathroom at school. She struggles to move efficiently because of her drug use. Nick discovers Vada on the steps.
  • “Claudion” by Helena Deland (00:59:00): Vada and Mia dance in a parking lot. The Fallout soundtrack song continues as they take selfies.
  • “Spaghetti” by Che Lingo (01:19:00): Vada discovers Mia in a sauna. The music plays briefly as Ortega’s character carries her friend.
  • “While You Sleep” by Maisy Stella and Lennon Stella (01:29:00): Vada learns that 12 people died in a school shooting. She hyperventilates as the movie ends. The Fallout soundtrack song scores the final moments and end credits.

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