Know the Cast: ‘Hellbound’

Hellbound Cast - Every Performer and Character in the South Korean Netflix Series

The Hellbound cast includes Yoo Ah-in, Kim Hyun-joo and Kim Hyun-joo. This info article contains minor spoilers for Yeon Sang-ho’s South Korean Netflix series. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

Hellbound poses questions about religion, God’s will and human autonomy. In Seoul, a cult leader named Jin-Soo accurately predicts the arrival of demonic figures that take sinners to Hell. As police investigate the New Truth organization and the fiery deaths of various individuals, an online terrorist group called Arrowhead exposes the identities of future victims. Meanwhile, Jin-soo prepares for a predestined event, one that leads to a violent confrontation between the authorities and religious fanatics. Here’s every main performer and character in Hellbound.

Hellbound Cast: Yoo Ah-in as Jeong Jin-soo

Hellbound Cast - Yoo Ah-in as Jeong Jin-soo

Character Profile: The chairman of the New Truth organization. He believes that God is telling people to be more righteous by showing them Hell on Earth. Jin-soo grew up in a Catholic orphanage and received a religious prophecy as a young man.

Yoo’s Resume: Crown Prince Sado in The Throne (2015), Yi Bang Won in Yungnyong-i Nareusya (2015-16), Lee Jong-su in Burning (2018), Oh Joon-woo in #Alive (2020), Tae-in in Voice of Silence (2020)

Hellbound Cast: Kim Hyun-joo as Min Hye-jin

Hellbound Cast - Kim Hyun-joo as Min Hye-jin

Character Profile: A lawyer for Sodo Law Firm. She represents victims of the New Truth organization. Hye-jin is targeted by Arrowhead and seeks revenge after a devastating attack.

Kim’s Resume: Goo Joon Hee in Boys Over Flowers (2009), Han/ Hwang Jung-won in Twinkle Twinkle (2011), Cha Gang-Sim in What’s With This Family (2014-15), Do Hae-kang / Dokgo Yong-gi in I Have a Lover (2015-16), Choi Yeon Soo in Undercover (2021)

Hellbound Cast: Park Jeong-min as Bae Young-jae

Hellbound Cast - Park Jeong-min as Bae Young-jae

Character Profile: A documentary producer for the New Truth organization. He becomes a central figure in the last three episodes. Young-jae’s newborn child receives a death decree; a moment that sparks a public debate about God’s intentions.

Park’s Resume: Mong-gyoo Song in Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet (2016), Hak-soo in Sunset in My Hometown (2018), Jeong Na-han in Svaha: The Sixth Finger (2019), Yoo-Yi in Deliver Us from Evil (2020), Jun Kyung in Miracle: Letters to the President (2021)

Hellbound Cast: Won Jin-ah as Song So-hyun

Hellbound Cast - Won Jin-ah as Song So-hyun

Character Profile: Young-jae’s wife. She gives birth to a child who receives a death decree. So-hyun refuses to separate from her daughter, Toughie, which sets up a climactic reveal.

Won’s Resume: Ryeo Min-kyung in Steel Rain (2017), Ha Moon Soo in Just Between Lovers (2017-18), Kang So-hyun in Long Live the King (2019), Go Mi Ran in Melting Me Softly (2019), Yoon Song Ah in She Would Never Know (2021)

Hellbound Cast: Yang Ik-june as Jin Kyung-hoon

Hellbound Cast - Yang Ik-june as Jin Kyung-hoon

Character Profile: A Seoul detective and widower. He’s the main protagonist in the first three episodes. Kyung-hoon attempts to protect his young daughter from Jin-soo.

Yang’s Resume: Director of Breathless (2008) — Also, Sang-hoon in Breathless (2008), Han Jae Shik in The Innocent Man (2012), Kenji in Wildnerness (2017), The Poet in The Poet and the Boy (2017)

Hellbound Cast: Lee Re as Jin Hee-jeong

Hellbound Cast - Lee Re as Jin Hee-jeong

Character Profile: Kyung-hoon’s daughter. She meets Jin-soo through volunteer work. Hee-jeong agonizes about the murder of her mother and plots revenge against the killer.

Lee’s Resume: So-won in Hope (2013), Ji-so in How to Steal a Dog (2014), Ma Yi-deum in Witch’s Court (2017), Jooni in Peninsula (2020), Jo Jae Young in Hometown (2021)


The Hellbound cast also includes Yang Ik-june (Breathless, Wilderness), Chase Yi (WandaVision, Night Teeth), Harrison Xu (Shameless, Born a Champion), Shin-rok Kim (Burning, Beyond Evil) and Im Hyeong-guk.

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