Know the Cast: ‘Forever Rich’

Forever Rich Cast - Every Main Performer and Character in the Netflix Movie

The Forever Rich cast includes Jonas Smulders, Daniël Kolf and Sinem Kavus. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Shady El-Hamus’ 2021 Netflix movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section for more streaming guides.

Forever Rich explores the trials and tribulations of a Dutch rapper. The titular protagonist earns a record deal with Sony but then gets shamed on social media after a late-night robbery. Richie spirals out of control while pursuing his enemy, “White Mask,” yet still recognizes an opportunity to fix his damaged reputation. See below for a breakdown of the main performers and characters in Forever Rich.

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Forever Rich Cast: Jonas Smulders as Richie

Forever Rich Cast - Jonas Smulders as Richie

Character Profile: An up-and-coming hip-hop artist who is about to sign a multi-million record deal. He gets robbed by a man wearing a white mask who brags on social media. Richie seeks revenge after an explicit phone video is leaked online.

Smulders’ Resume: Michel in The Dinner (2013), Tomas in Geen Koningen in ons Bloed (2015), Lukas in Broers (2017), Kenneth in Hollands Hoop (2017-20), Hans van der Meer in Doodstil (2020-)

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Forever Rich Cast: Daniël Kolf as Tony

Forever Rich Cast - Daniël Kolf as Tony

Character Profile: Richie’s tour manager and right-hand man. He inadvertently fuels the drama with “White Mask.” Tony, or “Toon,” looks after Richie but doesn’t agree with many of his career decisions.

Kolf’s Resume: Daryl in Lieve Mama (2020), Ishan in Edelfigurant (2020-), Roy in I Don’t Wanna Dance (2021), Winston in Koeriers (2021), Lennart in Follow de SOA (2021)

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Forever Rich Cast: Sinem Kavus as Anna

Forever Rich Cast - Sinem Kavus as Anna

Character Profile: Richie’s girlfriend and the mother of his child. She gets angry after being publicly disrespected. Anna states that she didn’t actually want to raise a kid with Richie.

Kavus’ Resume: Aysun in Flikken Maastricht (2017), Leyla Demir in High Flyers (2020), Narin in Alles van Waarde (2021)

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Forever Rich Cast: Hadewych Minis as Els

Forever Rich Cast - Hadewych Minis as Els

Character Profile: Richie’s mother. She takes advantage of his lifestyle. Els enables her unpredictable son.

Minis’ Resume: Marina in Borgman (2013), Rachel Hazes in Bloed, Zweet & Tranen (2015), Tatjana in Toni Erdmann (2016), Eta Harich-Schneider in Tokyo Trial (2016), Jeanine Maes in The Spectacular (2021)

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Forever Rich Cast: Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing as Jessica

Forever Rich Cast - Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing as Jessica

Character Profile: Richie’s agent. She arranges for a recording contract with Sony. Jessica has an intimate bond with Richie.

Wong-Loi-Sing’s Resume: Mini-Mini in The Price of Sugar (2013), Nanda in The Paradise Suite (2015), Simone Smith in Hunter Street (2017-18), Nicole in Het A-woord (2020), Stevie Solomon in Really Love (2020)

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Forever Rich Cast: Mustafa Duygulu as Abdel

Forever Rich Cast - Mustafa Duygulu as Abdel

Character Profile: Richie’s good friend and enforcer. He is a former soldier who apparently killed several terrorists. Abdel, or “Abbie,” gets stabbed during a confrontation involving Richie.

Duygulu’s Resume: Sam in Hoe overleef ik? (2012), Altan Cetin in Celblok H (2014-17), Sharif Taheri in The Neighbors (2018), Joost in Commandos (2020), Dokter Winsenius in De K van Karlijn (2021)

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Forever Rich Cast: Sergio Fontana as White Mask

Forever Rich Cast - Sergio Fontana as White Mask

Character Profile: A mask-wearing man who steals an expensive watch from Richie. He brags on social media and threatens violence. White Mask gets exposed and taunted by Richie, resulting in a violent confrontation.

Fontana’s Resume: Sam in Maud & Babs (2021)

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The Forever Rich cast also includes Yassin Dardour (Mocro Maffia), Matteo van der Grijn (Tiramisu, Tribes of Europa), Simon van Lammeren (ID: A, Voetbalmaffia), Zoë Love Smith (Skam NL) and Richelle Plantinga (Zomer in Zeeland, Lieve Mama).

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