Know the Cast: ‘The Manor’

The Manor Cast - Every Performer and Character in the 2021 Amazon Movie

The Manor cast features Barbara Hershey, Bruce Davison and Nicholas Alexander. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for the 2021 Amazon movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section for more streaming guides.

Written and directed by Axelle Carolyn, The Manor follows a 70-year-old woman named Judith Albright. She begins a new life at Golden Sun Manor Nursing Home after suffering a stroke, and quickly notices that several residents have unusually peppy demeanors. Judith initially enjoys herself but gets warned that any sign of weakness could lead to heavy doses of medication. Produced by Blumhouse, the 81-minute horror film addresses ageism and mental health issues while incorporating a touch of witchcraft. Here’s every main player in The Manor.

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The Manor Cast: Barbara Hershey as Judith Albright

The Manor Cast - Barbara Hershey as Judith Albright

Character Profile: A 70-year-old resident at Golden Sun Manor. She is a former professional dancer who experiences a stroke while already dealing with Parkinson’s disease. Judith identifies paranormal activity at the nursing home and tries to prove that she’s not suffering from dementia.

Hershey’s Resume: Boxcar Bertha in Boxcar Bertha (1972), Lee in Hannah and Her Sisters (1986), Beth in Falling Down (1993), Erica Sayers in Black Swan (2010), Lorraine Lambert in the Insidious Movie Franchise (2010-)

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The Manor Cast: Bruce Davison as Roland

The Manor Cast - Bruce Davison as Roland

Character Profile: A Golden Sun Manor employee. He makes sexual advances towards Judith. Based on photographic evidence, Roland doesn’t appear to have aged for several decades.

Davison’s Resume: Howard Finnegan in Short Cuts (1993), Reverend Parris in The Crucible (1996), Senator Kelly in X-Men (2000), Josh Bedford in Ghost Whisperer (2009-10), Hesby Ennis in Mozart in the Jungle (2018)

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The Manor Cast: Nicholas Alexander as Josh

The Manor Cast - Nicholas Alexander as Josh

Character Profile: Judith’s 17-year-old grandson. He loves his grandmother but worries that she may be losing her mind. Josh makes a crucial discovery at Golden Sun Manor while visiting Judith.

Alexander’s Resume: Steven’s 11-Year-Old Brother in I Love You Phillip Morris (2009), Blake in Fist Fight (2017), Darren in Good Girls (2018-20), Henry Benoit in The Originals (2018), Adam in Adam (2019)

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The Manor Cast: Jill Larson as Trish

The Manor Cast - Jill Larson as Trish

Character Profile: A Golden Sun Manor resident with a youthful presence. She hangs out with Judith and smokes marijuana with her roommate. Trish has a long history with Roland at the nursing home.

Larson’s Resume: Opal Cortlandt in All My Children (1989-2011), Manacled Woman in Shutter Island (2010), Deborah Logan in The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014), Bellamy in Vinyl (2016), Frannie Fischer in Hunters (2020)

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The Manor Cast: Fran Bennett as Ruth

The Manor Cast - Fran Bennett as Ruth

Character Profile: Trish’s roommate. She similarly has a youthful presence and likes to drink alcohol. Ruth is one of several Golden Sun Manor guests of whom have familial ties to employees.

Bennett’s Resume: Ruda Gibson in In the Heat of the Night (1990-92), Marie Billings/Ada Simpson in Quantum Leap (1991-92), Dr. Heffner in New Nightmare (1994), Nun in 8MM (1999), Mary Elaine Smith in NCIS (2017-18)

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The Manor Cast: Katie A. Keane as Barbara

The Manor Cast - Katie A. Keane as Barbara

Character Profile: Judith’s daughter. She makes the Golden Sun Manor arrangements but doesn’t force her mother to stay there. According to Judith, Barbara struggled to raise Josh after her husband’s death.

Keane’s Resume: Barbara in Protecting the King (2007), Jane Halston in Eli Stone (2008), Sarah Garrick in My Name Is Khan (2010), Dr. Jennifer Delge in Rebel (2017), Deke’s Mom in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2018)

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The Manor Cast: Ciera Payton as Liesel

The Manor Cast - Ciera Payton as Liesel

Character Profile: A Golden Sun Manor employee. She gives Judith a tour of the nursing home grounds. Liesel identifies suspicious behavior amongst her Golden Sun Manor colleagues.

Payton’s Resume: Officer Martine Kent in Days of Our Lives (2012), Capri in Oldboy (2013), Zia in The Walking Dead (2017), Jameelah Daws in She’s Gotta Have It (2019), Lilly Winthrop in The Oval (2019-)

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The Manor Cast: Nancy Linehan Charles as Annette

The Manor Cast - Nancy Linehan Charles as Annette

Character Profile: Juliet’s Golden Sun Manor roommate. She appears to be delusional and gets frightened by a cat. Annette gives Judith a list of names that seems to foreshadow their deaths.

Charles’ Resume: Older Woman in Dracula (1992), Celeste Burgess in Minority Report (2002), Mrs. Long in Charlie Wilson’s War (2007), Mrs. Cutter in The Stepfather (2009), Peg in Young Sheldon (2018-)

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The Manor cast also includes Shelley Robertson (NCIS: Los Angeles, Good Girls), Stacey Travis (Ghost World, Intolerable Cruelty), Devin Kawaoka (Good Trouble, Lucifer), Cissy Wellman (The Waltons, The Outlaw Josey Wales) and Robert Rusler (A Nightmare on Elm Street, Weird Science).

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