Know the Cast: ‘No One Gets Out Alive’

No One Gets Out Alive - Every Main Performer and Character in the Netflix Movie

The No One Gets Out Alive cast includes Cristina Rodlo, Marc Menchaca and David Figlioli. This info article contains minor spoilers for Santiago Menghini’s 2021 Netflix movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section for more streaming guides.

No One Gets Out Alive follows a Mexican woman named Ambar Cruz. After her mother’s death, she moves to the United States and begins a new life in Cleveland, Ohio. As Ambar tries to secure a fake Texas ID, she notices strange activity in her boarding house. The storyline links the plight of an immigrant to a sacrificial Mayan ritual at Tenochtitlan. Here’s a full breakdown of the main players in No One Gets Out Alive.

No One Gets Out Alive Cast: Cristina Rodlo as Ambar

No One Gets Out Alive Cast - Cristina Rodlo as Ambar

Character Profile: A Mexican immigrant who settles in Cleveland, Ohio. She lives at a boarding house on Recolte Avenue while trying to earn enough money for a fake Texas ID. When Ambar gets fired from her garment factory job, she learns the truth about her landlord’s motivations.

Rodlo’s Resume: Isabel Urrutia Zavaleta in Vuelve Temprano (2016-17), Suzu in Miss Bala (2019), Yaritza in Too Old to Die Young (2019), Luz Ojeda in The Terror (2019), Rosa Alvarez in 68 Whiskey (2020)

No One Gets Out Alive Cast: Marc Menchaca as Red

No One Gets Out Alive Cast - Marc Menchaca as Red

Character Profile: The landlord of a Cleveland boarding house. He looks after his younger brother Becker. Red deceives Ambar about what’s really going on at his building.

Menchaca’s Resume: Gunnery Sergeant Mike “Gunny” Wynn in Generation Kill (2008), Lauder Wakefield in Homeland (2011-12), Johnny in She’s Lost Control (2014), Russ Langmore in Ozark (2017-18), Jack Hoskins in The Outsider (2020)

No One Gets Out Alive Cast: David Figlioli as Becker

No One Gets Out Alive Cast - David Figlioli as Becker

Character Profile: Red’s brother. He is apparently sick and lurks around the building. Becker has access to a mysterious stone box that was once owned by his parents.

Figlioli’s Resume: Sergeant Pounder in Kirby Buckets (2014-17), Nick Torres in Murder in the First (2014-15), Daniel Valdano in Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2017), Les Klumpsky in Lucifer (2020), Randolph in Penny Dreadful: City of Angels (2020)

No One Gets Out Alive Cast: David Barrera as Beto

No One Gets Out Alive Cast - David Barrera as Beto

Character Profile: Ambar’s cousin or “uncle.” He intends to get her a job before learning that she’s an illegal immigrant. All hell breaks loose when Beto breaks into Ambar’s building and looks for her.

Barrera’s Resume: Dr. Victor Carreras in NYPD Blue (1998-2001), Gunnery Sergeant Ray “Casey Kasem” Griego in Generation Kill (2008), Ark Reporter in Evan Almighty (2008), Domingo in The Bridge (2014), Detective Stan Pipes in Bosch (2018)

No One Gets Out Alive Cast: Moronke Akinola as Kinsi

No One Gets Out Alive Cast - Moronke Akinola as Kinsi

Character Profile: Ambar’s co-worker. She tries to secure a fake Texas ID. Ambar is stunned when Kinsi disappears after apparently quitting her job,.

Akinola’s Resume: Feature Debut in No One Gets Out Alive

No One Gets Out Alive Cast: Joana Borja as Simona

No One Gets Out Alive Cast - Joana Borja as Simona

Character Profile: A Cleveland woman who appears in the pre-title sequence. She experiences bad dreams and spots a stone box. Simona gets attacked by a mysterious figure.

Borja’s Resume: Lola Barros in Morangos com Açúcar (2004-05), Helga in P.I.C.A. (2006), Miriam in Regresso a Sizalinda (2010), Pia Salvador in Traces (2019-20), Gabriela Camera in Doctor Who (2020)

No One Gets Out Alive Cast: Cosmina Stratan as Petra

No One Gets Out Alive Cast - Cosmina Stratan as Petra

Character Profile: A boarding house tenant from Romania. She dreams about her son back home. Petra helps Ambar better understand the dangers of their building.

Stratan’s Resume: Voichita in Beyond the Hills (2012), Dorina Simionescu in Rãmâi cu mine (2013-14), Elena in Shelley (2016), Irina in Love 1. Dog (2018), Sara in I Never Cry (2020)


The No One Gets Out Alive cast also includes Claudia Colter (Jane Eyre, The Hindsight Bias), Vala Noren (Beneath the Spaceship, Delhis vackraste händer), Teresa Banham (Robin Hood, The Crown), Alejandro Akara (Mayans M.C., Headlock) and Ilinca Neacsu (Roslund & Hellström: Box 21, Blue Moon).

Q.V. Hough (@QVHough) is Vague Visages’ founding editor.

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