Know the Cast: ‘Sounds Like Love’

Sounds Like Love Cast - Every Performer and Character in the Netflix Movie (Fuimos canciones)

The Sounds Like Love cast features María Valverde, Elisabet Casanovas and Susana Abaitua. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Juana Macías’s 2021 Netflix movie. Visit the Vague Visages Know the Cast section for more streaming guides.

Sounds Like Love (Fuimos canciones) examines the romantic ups and down of three Madrileñas. Macarena “Maca” Bartual gets flustered upon reuniting with a former flame, Jimena seeks out men with personality traits like her deceased partner, and Adriana learns that she may be more attracted to a woman than her husband. Based on Elisabet Benavent’s novel series, the Netflix movie acknowledges romantic comedy tropes through Maca’s voiceover narration and fourth wall breaks. Here’s every main performer and character in Sounds Like Love.

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Sounds Like Love Cast: María Valverde as Maca

Sounds Like Love Cast - María Valverde as Maca

Character Profile: A personal assistant for an insufferable fashion influencer. She is still angry about being abandoned by her ex-boyfriend of five years, Leo, and then seeks revenge when he returns to Madrid. Maca runs away from uncomfortable truths by seeking temporary happiness at home.

Valverde’s Resume: Maria in The Weakness of the Bolshevik (2003), Ladrona in Thieves (2007), Babi in Three Steps Above Heaven (2010), Zipporah in Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014), Carmen in Galveston (2018)

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Sounds Like Love Cast: Álex González as Leo

Sounds Like Love Cast - Álex González as Leo

Character Profile: Maca’s ex-boyfriend. He abandoned their relationship to pursue academic opportunities in Boston. Leo teaches literature at the School of Humanities in Madrid while sending mixed signals to Maca.

González’s Resume: Ángel in The Good Boy (2005), Nacho in Motivos personales (2005), Janos Quested/Riptide in X-Men: First Class (2011), Julián “Alacrán” López in Scorpion in Love (2013), Nando in Operación Marea Negra (2021)

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Sounds Like Love Cast: Elisabet Casanovas as Jimena

Sounds Like Love Cast - Elisabet Casanovas as Jimena

Character Profile: Maca’s friend whose hasn’t moved on from the past. She is unable to maintain long-term relationships because she seeks out men with similar personality traits of her deceased partner, Santi. Jimena carries on a relationship with an actor who was paid to help her cope with emotional trauma.

Casanovas’ Resume: Violeta in Imberbe (2014-16), Tània Illa in Merlí (2015-18), Elisabet in Ardara (2019), Àfrica in Drama (2020), Cristina in Las leyes de la frontera (2021)

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Sounds Like Love Cast: Susana Abaitua as Adriana

Sounds Like Love Cast - Susana Abaitua as Adriana

Character Profile: Maca’s married friend who thinks she might be asexual. She develops romantic feelings for a woman named Julia after a threesome experience. Adriana hopes to improve her marriage but knows that she is no longer in love with her husband, Julián.

Abaitua’s Resume: La buena nueva  in Arantxa (2008), Ana Saura in I Know Who You Are (2017), Fanny in Compulsión (2017), Nerea in Patria (2020), Arantxa Oyamburu in The Roar of the Butterflies (2021)

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Sounds Like Love Cast: Miri Pérez-Cabrero as Pipa

Sounds Like Love Cast - Miri Pérez-Cabrero as Pipa

Character Profile: Maca’s pretentious boss. She’s a social media influencer who manipulates every situation to her advantage. Pipa provides Maca with big career opportunities but repeatedly insults her.

Perez-Cabrero’s Resume: Herself in MasterChef (2017) — Also, Cristina in Someone Has to Die (2020)

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Sounds Like Love Cast: Eva Ugarte as Raquel

Sounds Like Love Cast - Eva Ugarte as Raquel

Character Profile: Leo’s love interest. She’s a well-meaning social media influencer who helps Maca find new work opportunities. Raquel is warned about Leo’s unpredictable behavior.

Ugarte’s Resume: Rosa María in Velvet (2014-15), Natalia Sanz in Bajo sospecha (2016), Sandra in Mira lo que has hecho (2018-20), Paula Artigas in Madres. Amor y vida (2020), Cloe in García y García (2021)

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Sounds Like Love Cast: Ignacio Montes as Samuel

Sounds Like Love Cast - Ignacio Montes as Samuel

Character Profile: Jimena’s love interest. He’s a physiotherapist who is cautious about dating clients. Samuel unnerves Jimena with his love for hamsters.

Montes’ Resume: Armando in My Straight Son (2012), Carlos in Vive cantando (2013-14), Manolito Infantes in Velvet Colección (2017-18), Rubén in Coward Love (2018), Dimas Gómez in High Seas (2019-20)

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Sounds Like Love Cast: Artur Busquets as Jorge

Sounds Like Love Cast - Artur Busquets as Jorge

Character Profile: An actor who is hired by Maca to befriend Jimena. He pretends to have all the same interests as Santi. Jorge plans to tell Jimena to move on from the past but eventually develops romantic feelings for her.

Busquets’ Resume: Topo in Puzzled Love (2011), Palacios in Estoy vivo (2018), César in El sitio de Otto (2019), Edu in Com si fos ahir (2019-20), Jordi in Drama (2020)

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The Sounds Like Love cast also includes Claudia Galán (El secreto de Puente Viejo, High Seas), Roger Berruezo (Gavilanes, Serve and Protect), Carlo Costanzia (Toy Boy) and Miguel Herrera (Little Tito and the Aliens, Nací Así).

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