Know the Cast: ‘Ganglands’

Ganglands Cast (Braqueurs) - Every Main Performer and Character in the Netflix Series

The Ganglands cast features Sami Bouajila, Tracy Gotoas and Nabiha Akkari. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Hamid Hlioua and Julien Leclercq’s Netflix series. Check out Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section for more streaming guides.

Ganglands focuses on Belgium’s criminal underworld. When a Brussels-based mobster named Saber seeks revenge against his Flemish rival Chris, he loses the confidence of two higher-ranking family members. Meanwhile, two local thiefs attempt to steal 300 kilos of cocaine while playing both sides of an on-going turf war. Here’s every main performer and character in Ganglands.

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Ganglands Cast: Sami Bouajila as Mehdi

Ganglands Cast (Braqueurs) on Netflix - Sami Bouajila as Mehdi

Character Profile: A robber in Brussels’ criminal underworld who uses drones for operations. He grieves the death of his brother Ilyés, and attempts to rescue his kidnapped niece Shainez from cocaine dealers. Mehdi gets in the middle of a turf war between two crime families.

Bouajila’s Resume: Samir Nazhde in The Siege (1998), Félix in The Adventures of Félix (2000), Abdelkader in Days of Glory (2006), Belgarde in Remember (2017-18), Fares Ben Youssef in A Son (2019)

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Ganglands Cast: Tracy Gotoas as Liana

Ganglands Cast (Braqueurs) on Netflix - Tracy Gotoas as Liana

Character Profile: A Brussels thief. She and her girlfriend Shainez run a faux escort service and inadvertently steal 300 kilos of cocaine. Liane and Mehdi team up while collaborating with one crime lord in order to take down another.

Gotoas’ Resume: Copine Tina in The Troubleshooter (2018), Amaya in Neuilly Yo Mama II (2018), 17-Year-Old Marion in Above the Sky (2020), Sanou in Owning It (2020), Adja Cissokho in L’horizon (2021)

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Ganglands Cast: Samuel Jouy as Tony

Ganglands Cast (Braqueurs) on Netflix - Samuel Jouy as Tony

Character Profile: Mehdi’s right-hand man. He initially considers beginning a new life and urges his colleagues to do the same. Tony strategizes to stay alive after the murders of several acquaintances.

Jouy’s Resume: Writer/Director of Sparring (2017) — Also, Pierre Panaud in Le cri (2006), Jordan in Burn Out (2017), Bertrand Steiner in Black Spot (2017-19), Yann Legendre in Iskander: Shadow of the River (2021)

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Ganglands Cast: Nabiha Akkari as Sofia

Ganglands Cast (Braqueurs) on Netflix - Nabiha Akkari as Sofia

Character Profile: A high-ranking member of a Brussels crime family. She informs her uncle/boss Hassan about his son Saber’s irresponsible behavior. Sofia plots against her family upon learning the truth about her parents’ deaths.

Akkari’s Resume: Farah in What a Beautiful Day (2011), Jamila in Happy End (2017), Amira in Taranta on the Road (2017), Safia in The Bureau (2018), Amina in ZeroZeroZero (2020)

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Ganglands Cast: Sofia Lesaffre as Shainez

Ganglands Cast (Braqueurs) on Netflix - Sofia Lesaffre as Shainez

Character Profile: Mehdi’s niece. She poses as an escort and robs people with her girlfriend Liana. Shainez gets kidnapped by Saber, which forces Mehdi to accept a dangerous mission that involves robbing an Antwerp gangster named Chris.

Lesaffre’s Resume: Leila in Seuls (2017), Amel in Pour vivre heureux (2018), Lycéenne in Les Misérables (2019), Sarah in Earth and Blood (2020), Malika in A Tale of Love and Desire (2021)

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Ganglands Cast: Salim Kechiouche as Saber

Ganglands Cast (Braqueurs) on Netflix - Salim Kechiouche as Saber

Character Profile: Hassan’s unpredictable son. He intends to steal cocaine from his rival, even though he’s ordered to back off by his father. Saber gets ordered to leave Belgium because of his erratic and defiant behavior.

Kechiouche’s Resume: Hicham in Three Dancing Slaves (2004), Mécir in Grande école (2004), Samir in Blue Is the Warmest Color (2015), Kadhafi in N.O.I.R. (2015), Marc in Lupin (2021)

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Ganglands Cast: Noureddine Farihi as Hassan

Ganglands Cast (Braqueurs) on Netflix - Noureddine Farihi as Hassan

Character Profile: A Brussels crime boss of Moroccan descent. He lives in Switzerland to avoid being arrested in Belgium. Hassan works closely with Sofia while hiding a big secret about her parents.

Farihi’s Resume: Said in Walhalla (1995), Mo Fawzi in Thuis (1996-2011), Farid in Gangsta (2018), Cleaner in Yummy (2019), Général Khalili in Cellule de crise (2020)

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Ganglands Cast: Geert Van Rampelberg as Chris

Ganglands Cast (Braqueurs) on Netflix - Geert Van Rampelberg as Chris

Character Profile: Saber’s competitor from Antwerp. He loses 300 kilos of cocaine. Chris makes a deal with Sofia only to discover that she’s making other business moves in order to sustain power.

Van Rampelberg’s Resume: Koen Verberk in Code 37 (2009-12), William in The Broken Circle Breakdown (2012), Thomas in Time of My Life (2020), Ingmar Leka in Red Light (2020-), Michael Dendoncker in Blackout (2020-)

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Ganglands Cast: Carol Weyers as Danique

Ganglands Cast (Braqueurs) on Netflix - Carol Weyers as Danique

Character Profile: Hassan’s bodyguard. She is an assassin who kills Liana’s best friend. Danique ends up in the hospital after being hit by a car.

Weyers’ Resume: Anne Frank in The Fault in Our Stars (2014), Elodie Lancefield in Manhattan (2014), Carole in Winterlong (2018), Déa Versini in Super Jimmy (2019), Capitaine Catherine Muller in Sentinelle (2021)

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The Ganglands cast also includes Lubna Azabal (Body of Lies, Incendies), Bakary Diombera (Kandisha, Passing Pécho: The Carrots Are Cooked), Frank Onana (Forfait, Earth and Blood), Kevin Mischel (Divines, Out of the World) and Aron Kto.

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