Know the Cast: ‘Annette’

Annette Cast Guide - 2021 Movie

The Annette cast features American actor Adam Driver and the Oscar-winning French actress Marion Cotillard. This info article contains spoilers and character details for Leos Carax’s 2021 Amazon movie. Check out Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section for more streaming guides.

Now streaming on Amazon Prime, Annette explores the complicated relationship between two Los Angeles celebrities. Comedian Henry McHenry enjoys his fame and notoriety, while opera singer Ann Defrasnoux values her legacy as a musician and mother. The couple raises a young daughter who appears as a marionette puppet and eventually gets forced into the entertainment industry. Here’s a rundown for all of the main performers and characters in Annette.

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Annette Cast: Adam Driver as Henry McHenry

Annette Cast Guide - Every Actor in the 2021 Movie

Character Profile: A Los Angeles comedian and star of the one-man show “The Ape of God.” He marries a world-famous opera singer, Ann Defrasnoux, and receives bad press due to questionable behavior. Henry accidentally kills his wife during a yacht trip, and takes his baby daughter on tour when she begins singing like her late mother.

Driver’s Resume: Adam Sackler in Girls (2012-17), Al Cody in Inside Llewyn Davis (2013), Paterson in Paterson (2016), Charlie Barber in Marriage Story (2019), Kylo Ren in the Star Wars Movie Franchise (2015-)

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Annette Cast: Marion Cotillard as Ann Defrasnoux

Annette Cast 2021 Movie - Marion Cotillard as Ann Defrasnoux

Character Profile: A famous soprano singer. She marries Henry and has dreams about being murdered by her husband. Ann dies after falling from a yacht and vows to haunt Henry for the rest of his life.

Cotillard’s Resume: Edith Piaf in La Vie En Rose (2007), Mal in Inception (2010), Stéphanie in Rust and Bone (2012), Ewa Cybulska in The Immigrant (2013), Sandra in Two Days, One Night (2014)

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Annette Cast: Simon Helberg as The Accompanist

Annette Cast 2021 Movie - Simon Helberg as The Accompanist

Character Profile: Ann’s colleague who claims that he’s Annette’s real father. Helberg’s character becomes the conductor of the city’s finest orchestra and reveals his backstory through a musical monologue. He’s ultimately killed by Henry, who doesn’t want to lose custody of Annette.

Helberg’s Resume: Jerry in Old School (2003), Howard Wolowitz in The Big Bang Theory (2007-19), Dreidel L’Chaim in Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007), Rabbi Scott in A Serious Man (2009), Cosmé McMoon in Florence Foster Jenkins (2016)

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Annette Cast: Ron Mael and Russell Mael as Themselves/Jet Pilots

Annette Cast 2021 Movie - Ron Mael and Russell Mael as Themselves/Jet Pilots

Character Profile: The Sparks brothers appear during the introductory music sequence. They later show up as singing jet pilots. Ron and Russell Mael wrote Annette’s screenplay and original songs.

Resume: Members of the American Band Sparks and Subjects of Edgar Wright’s 2021 documentary The Sparks Brothers — Also, Musicians for the Movies Valley Girl (1983), Fright Night (1985), Black Rain (1989), Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (2009) and Kick Ass (2010)

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Annette Cast: Leos Carax as Himself

Annette Cast 2021 Movie - Leos Carax and Nastya Golubeva Carax

Character Profile: The opening narrator (and Annette’s actual director) who asks the audience not to breathe throughout the movie. He makes an on-screen cameo during the introductory music sequence. Carax’s daughter, Nastya Golubeva Carax, also briefly appears.

Carax’s Resume: Director of Boy Meets Girl (1984), Bad Blood (1986), The Lovers on the Bridge (1991), Pola X (1999), Holy Motors (2012).

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The Annette cast also includes Devyn McDowell (Small Change), Natalie Mendoza (The Descent, Hotel Babylon), Kiko Mizuhara (Attack on Titan Part 1, Ride or Die), Angèle (La Flamme), Kanji Furutachi (After the Storm, Too Young to Die) and Rila Fukushima (The Wolverine, Arrow).

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