Min’s Primary Style: December 2014 Fashion Boards


The December 2014 Fashion Boards, ladies and gentlemen!

Gold/Silver/Bronze: Use on their own or intermix them as seen on the fashion boards, which will add dazzle to your December looks. All year long I thoroughly enjoying the sparkly, shiny, gleaming things and adore metallic accessories paired with colors of that season or my mood. I love intermixing metallic with rose toned, pearl, black and grey clothing/accessory pieces. I will be using metallic influences to shine up my December outfits for special occasions like parties and family gatherings (it is summer here in Australia, not winter) but metallic can be worn in any kind of weather. My favorite pieces at the moment are my bronze hoop earrings and gold/pink rose-toned nails I got done in shellac (#hairdresserproblems). I’m loving everything and all that glimmer.

Cool Colors: blue, green and violets work well with pale skin tones, while warm colors like rich chocolate browns, rust, orange and even sunny shades (yellow) complement deeper skin tones. Neutral colors are universally flattering.

To incorporate metals into your hair/makeup routine, paired with basic black/silver or black/white clothing, try the File Folio (Metallic Makeup Inspiration) above. Use soft silvers/grey in the crease or try a warm golden embers look with soft brown in the crease for eyes shadows. Warm and light rose colors may be used for natural toned lips and place a sparkly hair pin under (quickly and loosely) for a secure and upswept style.

Later this month, I will have a couple more File Folio’s with how-to’s on eye shadow looks.

For the Guys:


If men want to incorporate a metallic look without being too “blingy” (do not favor the “brightness “of gold), think greys along with subdued coin and copper tones in both accessories and clothing. Personally, I know how cool one of those tree rings would look on my husband, but he wouldn’t wear a ring or bracelet —  a watch and shoes, yes, but nothing else that is “unnecessary.” I guarantee he would love the fishing shirt. I had a “man’s man” in mind while choosing all my men’s fashion boards. I hope this is helpful.

My Personal Style: at one time in my life I would have immediately grabbed and piled on the most sparkly things in clothing form and wear way too much “sparkly” pieces at once, but my grownup self is still loving sparkly things. For more of glamorized Mindy look (and less bedazzled disco Mindy), I choose one piece of basic clothing with bling accessories such as a top or skirt and a shoe or necklace with a lot of shine. I keep things simple and remember that less is more, but I have to admit it’s hard to contain myself with sparkly things. My personal clothing style has evolved and changed a lot over the last two years, but I now love having fun with fashion and keep my over-the-top bling on just my nails.

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