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Animafest Zagreb - Another Day of Life

Looking Ahead: A Passage Through Animafest, Zagreb’s Festival of Animated Film

“By featuring a wide variety of animated works from both young and experienced filmmakers, Animafest showed it has the reach to bring together great talents through a stimulating environment.”

The Seductive, Puzzling Films of Nelly Kaplan

“With their uncomfortable blend of sexual politics, dark comedy, quirky star power and social and moral critique, it’s no wonder moviegoers didn’t know what to make of Kaplan’s satirical stories when they were first released.”

The Many Peculiar Virtues of Wes Craven’s ‘My Soul to Take’

“As the second last film in one of the great contemporary horror filmmaker’s careers, it’s an extraordinary example of artistic self-reflection and development.”

The Exquisite Surreality of Luis Buñuel’s ‘The Exterminating Angel’

“A comically surreal masterpiece, Luis Buñuel’s The Exterminating Angel proves an enduring and lighthearted experience, time after time, each viewing influenced by the last, and each new symbolic theory dashed moment by moment.”

‘The Young One’ Sees Luis Buñuel Tackle the American South

“With The Young One, Buñuel rejects the surrealism that would define his early films and almost all the European work that followed, presenting a rather straightforward narrative with superficial similarities to a Tennessee Williams screenplay.”