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Tales from the Gimli Hospital Essay - 1988 Guy Maddin Movie Film

How to Cannonball an Aquarium

“‘Tales from the Gimli Hospital’ is an accessible and logical entry point for Maddin-curious cinephiles.”

The Green Fog Movie Film Review

‘The Green Fog’: Guy Maddin and the Johnsons Visit Alfred Hitchcock

“‘The Green Fog’ is another shining example of how easy it can be to disappear in the silver screen labyrinth. These mirrors and rhymes of familiar sights, looks, places, actions and themes form the basis of how we experience narrative filmmaking.”

The Green Fog Movie Film Review

Las Palmas Film Festival Review: Guy Maddin’s ‘The Green Fog’

“Coherence is the last concern in ‘The Green Fog,’ whose beauty is comprised in the hidden connections between the city-film tropes.”

Review: Guy Maddin’s ‘The Forbidden Room’

“Phantasmagoric and heady, The Forbidden Room is a film torn from the past, as Guy Maddin journeys even further into his own imagination, drawing out an original and enthralling journey through a kaleidoscope of different locales, time periods and genres.”