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Federico Fellini Movie - Intervista 1987 Film

March of Time: The Enduring Magic of Federico Fellini

“The persona, the artist, the maestro, the ringmaster — one can’t help but bask in the direct, subjective joy and the elegiac reverence for cinema itself.”

Vague Visages Is FilmStruck: Marshall Shaffer’s #FilmStruckFebruary – The Beginning

Marshall Shaffer’s 2nd annual #FilmStruckFebruary begins!

Critics in Conversation: The Critic and the Actor

In the second part of a three-chapter conversation conducted over months via a large Google Doc, Manuela Lazic and Adam Nayman discuss acting and how film critics interpret performances.

Vague Visages Is FilmStruck: Jeremy Carr on Federico Fellini’s ‘La Strada’

“Fellini’s films often flourished with acute ruminations on life and society, but rarely would his work achieve this degree of pure emotion.”

‘Stardust Memories’: Woody Allen’s Comic Catharsis

“He may be suggesting that emotional and social anxiety is widespread and prevalent, but the key distinction is that not everyone can translate these uncertainties into comedy gold.”

Las Palmas Film Festival Opens with ‘Katie Says Goodbye’

“Roberts believes in the subtle force of his nice-as-pie protagonist, and he is right: Katie’s light outshines the blue Arizona sky.”

IFFR 2017 Review: Elene Naveriani’s ‘I am Truly a Drop of Sun on Earth’

“In this promising debut, there is something beautiful about the resignation that humanity can be found in surprising places.”

Capitolo 20: Mani in Alto / Marco Bellocchio’s ‘Fists in the Pocket’

A Series on Italian Cinema by Q.V. Hough

Review: Mickey Keating’s ‘Darling’ (2015)

A Column by Q.V. Hough

Love in the Time of Cabiria

An Essay by Kyle Turner