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Bull Movie Review - 2021 Paul Andrew Williams Film

Fantasia Fest Review: Paul Andrew Williams’ ‘Bull’

“Williams’ reliance on violence doesn’t transgress in ‘Bull,’ it merely toes the line. Imagine what he could do if he really let himself go.”

It’s a Summer Film Movie Review - 2020 Sôshi Masumoto Film

Fantasia Fest Review: Sôshi Masumoto’s ‘It’s a Summer Film!’

“‘It’s a Summer Film!’ has a genuine emotional core, which layers each wild twist into another heartrending moment.”

The Carnivores Movie Review - 2020 Caleb Michael Johnson Film

Review: Caleb Michael Johnson’s ‘The Carnivores’

“Johnson doesn’t create a specific sense of place in ‘The Carnivores,’ nor does he develop the characters into anything more than cyphers for American angst that a million Sundance films have delivered before.”

Slow Machine Movie Review - 2020 Joe Denardo and Paul Felten Film

Review: Joe Denardo and Paul Felten’s ‘Slow Machine’

“The conspiratorial is everywhere in ‘Slow Machine’ but doesn’t come into focus.”

Devil in the Flesh Movie Essay - 1986 Marco Bellocchio Film

Trapped in the Bed Frame: On Marco Bellocchio’s ‘Devil in the Flesh’

“Bellocchio’s 1986 film ‘Devil in the Flesh’ is perfectly representative of the great Italian director’s outlook.”

Gauguin Guernica - Vague Visages

‘Gauguin’ and ‘Guernica’: Alain Resnais Comes Unstuck

“If ‘Gauguin’ and ‘Guernica’ shine a light on their respective subjects, they also present a key part of Resnais’ own development as an artist.”

Shoplifters of the World Movie Review - 2021 Stephen Kijak Film

Review: Stephen Kijak’s ‘Shoplifters of the World’

“‘Shoplifters of the World’ seems more affectionate to 2000s conceptions of 1980s nostalgia than to the thing itself.”

Vague Visages - Best Pandemic Movies

VVoices: Best Pandemic Movies

VVoices #3: Film Critics Discuss the Most Effective Pandemic-Themed Movies

Vague Visages - What Is Gatekeeping?

VVoices: What Is Gatekeeping?

VVoices #2: Film Critics Discuss Gatekeeping

Vague Visages - Voices Critics Survey

VVoices: What Is Auteur Theory?

VVoices #1: Film Critics Discuss Auteur Theory

Dara of Jasenovac Movie Review - 2020 Predrag Antonijevic Film

Review: Predrag Antonijevic’s ‘Dara of Jasenovac’

“Given that ‘Dara of Jasenovac’ is the first Serbian film to cover the camps, the implicit didacticism would actually be more welcomed if it did its job and taught viewers something.”

As We Like It Movie Review - 2021 Hung-i Chen and Muni Wei Film

IFFR Review: Hung-I Chen and Muni Wei’s ‘As We Like It’

“‘As We Like It’ is a film that makes many unique moments out of its childish buffoonery, and it’s lifted, like its characters, into a class of its own.”

Riders of Justice Movie Review - 2020 Anders Thomas Jensen Film

IFFR Review: Anders Thomas Jensen’s ‘Riders of Justice’

“By the time ‘Riders of Justice’ ramps up its stakes, the final showdown hardly seems to matter as much as the gang’s presence.”

A Colt Is My Passport Movie Film

The Borders of Film Noir: Genre in Takeshi Nomura’s ‘A Colt Is My Passport’

“‘A Colt Is My Passport’ represents a supreme tension between American and Japanese Noir, and asks questions about the past and future of international cinema.”

No Man's Land Movie Review - 2020 Conor Allyn Film

Review: Conor Allyn’s ‘No Man’s Land’

“‘No Man’s Land,’ Conor Allyn’s earthy effort at a serious revisionist western, is a film of good intentions that goes awry when it attempts to unpack any of its ideas.”

Chungking Express Movie Essay - 1994 Wong Kar-Wai Film

Why Criticism: Chasing Restorations, from Wong Kar-Wai to Wonder Woman

“The total dominance of our digital cinema platforms has forced cinephiles to reckon with their own assumptions and understanding of the medium.”

Black Bear Movie Review - 2020 Lawrence Michael Levine Film

Review: Lawrence Michael Levine’s ‘Black Bear’

“It’s the sardonic, versatile Plaza performance that saves Levine’s ‘Black Bear.'”

Another Round Movie Review - 2020 Thomas Vinterberg Film

Review: Thomas Vinterberg’s ‘Another Round’

“‘Another Round’ is a high-concept character piece that dips its toes into national themes, but never long enough to put off the international market it’s clearly geared towards.”

Freaky Movie Review - 2020 Christopher Landon Film

Review: Christopher Landon’s ‘Freaky’

“‘Freaky’ is uneven, but it has moments of magic.”

Mank Movie Review - 2020 David Fincher Film

Review: David Fincher’s ‘Mank’

“‘Mank’ is just the latest installment in Netflix’s self-concious branding strategy.”