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Mallory O'Meara

Collecting Movies with Mallory O’Meara

Greg Carlson Interviews Mallory O’Meara (‘The Lady from the Black Lagoon’) About Movie Collecting

Purple Rain by Prince Cropped

Formative: Prince ‘Purple Rain’ (1984)

“The affinity I have for Prince, and the things that I learned from his music — and continue to learn — is different than what my mum took away from it decades earlier; the music, and the connection we share with it, is something I find myself returning to regularly.”

Express Essay - Love and Rockets

Formative: Love and Rockets ‘Express’ (1986)

“‘Express’ felt like music that was made FOR ME — not my parents, and certainly not the other teenagers I knew who liked music that seemed boring and soulless.”

Insecure HBO

From ‘Sex’ to ‘Girls’ to ‘Insecure’: HBO’s Feminist and Intersectional Chronicle

“HBO has come a long way in representing the intersectionality of race and gender.”

Suzi Quatro Interview

Putting the Record Straight: In Conversation with 70s Rock Icon Suzi Quatro

“Right now, I’ve never felt more creative.” – Rhys Handley Interviews 70s Rock Icon Suzi Quatro About Her Career and the 2020 Documentary ‘Suzi Q’

Brady Daley Interview

Collecting Movies with Brady Daley

Greg Carlson Interviews Brady Daley About Movie Collecting

After Midnight Movie Film

Interview: Jeremy Gardner, Christian Stella and Justin Benson on ‘After Midnight’

Leslie Hatton Interviews ‘After Midnight’ Filmmakers Jeremy Gardner, Christian Stella and Justin Benson

Around the Sun Movie Film

Jonathan Kiefer on ‘Around the Sun’ and the Plurality of Unknowns

Yoana Pavlova Interviews ‘Around the Sun’ Screenwriter Jonathan Kiefer

Collecting Movies with Caity Birmingham

Collecting Movies with Production Designer Caity Birmingham

Greg Carlson Interviews Production Designer Caity Birmingham About VHS Collecting

JG Thirlwell Interview

Foetus Under Quarantine: An Interview with Musician JG Thirlwell

Leslie Hatton Interviews Musician JG Thirlwell

Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 Review - Netflix

‘Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045’: Unsustainable Revival

“‘Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045’ attempts to move the series into full octane action but pushes its philosophical roots to the side.”

Moffie Interview Movie Film

Interview with ‘Moffie’ Filmmaker Oliver Hermanus

Alistair Ryder Interviews South African Filmmaker Oliver Hermanus About ‘Moffie’

Oscillospira Review Album

Album Review: JG Thirlwell and Simon Steensland ‘Oscillospira’

“In conjunction with the religious references of the track names, the music on ‘Oscillospira’ evokes the drama of creation and destruction on a grand scale.”

Mike Scholtz Filmmaker

Collecting Movies with ‘Riplist’ Director Mike Scholtz

Greg Carlson Interviews Documentarian Mike Scholtz About VHS Collecting

Kindred Creatures Interview - 2020 Documentary

Interview with ‘Kindred Creatures’ Filmmaker Samuel Sprynczynatyk

‘Kindred Creatures’ is a feature-length documentary that explores the world of farm animals and the sanctuaries that rescue them. Check out VV’s interview with the North Dakota-based director Samuel Sprynczynatyk.

The Wave 2019 Movie - Film Review

‘The Wave’: A Promising Fiction Debut from Gille Klabin

“‘The Wave’ spotlights the proverbial writing on the wall for its most flawed characters, but also makes sure to settle on the base-level humanity of others. The result is an affecting and forward-thinking film that pinpoints what it means to be self-aware.”

Festival 1967 Documentary - Interview

Interview: Director Noah Lerner on Murray Lerner’s ‘Festival’

Bill Bria Interviews Noah Lerner About Murray Lerner’s 1967 Documentary Festival!

Coming Home Again 2019 Movie - Wayne Wang Interview

TIFF 2019: An Interview with ‘Coming Home Again’ Director Wayne Wang

Diana Cheng Interviews Director Wayne Wang

Bait Interview - 2019 Mark Jenkin Movie

Interview with ‘Bait’ Director Mark Jenkin

Bait Movie Interview: Vague Visages’ Jim Ross discusses the 2019 drama film with writer-director Mark Jenkin.

Redd Kross Interview - Beyond the Door

Interview: ‘Beyond the Door’ with Redd Kross’ Jeff McDonald

Redd Kross Interview: Vague Visages Leslie Hatton discusses the album ‘Beyond the Door’ with musician Jeff McDonald.