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Kiss Me Before It Blows Up Movie Film

BFI Flare Review: Shirel Peleg’s ‘Kiss Me Before It Blows Up’

“For a debut feature, ‘Kiss Me Before It Blows Up’ is a bold and assertive movie that nails a few funny moments, but it would’ve benefitted from a more nuanced exploration of its complex subject matter.”

The Greenhouse Movie Film

BFI Flare Review: Thomas Wilson-White’s ‘The Greenhouse’

“‘The Greenhouse’ is a cathartic and visually stunning piece of Australian Gothicism which is sure to make an impact on the festival circuit in 2021.”

Any Day Now Movie Film

Berlinale Review: Hamy Ramezan’s ‘Any Day Now’

“‘Any Day Now’ is a strong contender within the Generation strand of the Berlinale, showcasing brilliant performances from Keshvari and Rönkkönen.”

Petite Maman Movie Film

Berlinale Review: Céline Sciamma’s ‘Petite Maman’

“Céline Sciamma’s ‘Petite Maman’ is a luminous ghost story that succeeds in knitting together the themes of empathy, identity and imagination.”

Alba Baptista - European Shooting Stars

European Shooting Stars: An Interview with Alba Baptista

European Film Promotion Shooting Stars: Elle Haywood Interviews Actress Alba Baptista

Tove Movie Film

Göteborg Film Festival Review: Zaida Bergroth’s ‘Tove’

“‘Tove’ is a tribute to all creatives who pursue their passion projects, and applauds those who are able to break free from bindings.”

FLourish Short Film

A Brief Symposium of Queer Life at the 2021 London Short Film Festival

Elle Haywood on Queer Cinema at the 2021 London Short Film Festival

Asia Movie Film

Review: Ruthy Pribar’s ‘Asia’

“A strong and ambitious debut from Pribar, ‘Asia’ leaves a lasting and profound impression.”

Bad Tales - Favolacce

London Film Festival Review: Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo’s ‘Bad Tales’

“Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo’s second feature, ‘Bad Tales,’ is morbidly curious and content to simmer in its own pessimism.”

Parasite Review - 2019 Black and White Version

Review: Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Parasite’ (Black and White Edition)

“The black and white edition of ‘Parasite’ is a gift, and the real beacon shining brightly in the dark.”

Arts PIcturehouse Cambridge

Local Heroes: Elle Haywood on Arts Picturehouse Cambridge

“Arts Picturehouse Cambridge unearthed the feisty, passionate person that I am today, and made me want to help change the cinematic landscape for the better.”

Soundtrack to Sixteen Movie Review - 2020 Hillary Shakespeare Film

Review: The Shakespeare Sisters’ ‘Soundtrack to Sixteen’

“The Shakespeare Sisters boldly attempt to capture a young romance, but the film occasionally loses momentum with its loose script and clunky editing.”

The County Movie Review - 2019 Grímur Hákonarson Film

Review: Grímur Hákonarson’s ‘The County’

“Filled with powerful female-led moments, laid on the backdrop of the Icelandic countryside, Hákonarson’s crowd-pleasing humanist creation strengthens Iceland’s reputation within the international film circuit.”

New Shorts: London Lives - Serious Tingz Short Film

Navigating the Heart of the Lonely Capital in LSFF’s New Shorts: London Lives

“What drives through the heart of LSFF’s New Shorts: London Lives is the expansiveness of the city and the loss of connection through digitalisation. Collectively, the films demonstrate the importance of community.”

LSFF Oscillations - The Giverny Document [Single Channel]

LSFF Oscillations: Cinematic Juxtapositions of the Personal and Political

“LSFF’s Oscillations strand is one of the more immersive parts of the festival, with each film exploring social norms, bodily autonomy and the intersections of life.”

LSFF Houses in Motion - Imbued Life Short Film

LSFF Houses in Motion: Transformation Through Physical and Emotional Space

“The Houses in Motion strand breaks the mould in successfully exploring how concepts of life and death, home and away and physical and mental states metamorphose and develop within their own spaces.”