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Peter Bell

Peter Bell is a recent graduate of Columbia University, School of Arts, New York, NY with a Master of Arts in Film Studies. Peter’s interests in film include film history, film theory and film criticism. Ever since watching TCM as a child, Peter has always had a passion for film and is always trying to add greater context to film for others. His favorite films include Chinatown, Blade Runner, Lawrence of Arabia, A Shot in the Dark, and Inception. Peter’s favorite director is Christopher Nolan, whom he had the pleasure of seeing speak in 2015 at the Tribecca Film Festival. Past film experience includes a documentary research internship with Pierpoline Films and volunteering for ReelAbilities Film Festival. Peter believes movie theaters are still the optimal forum for film discussion and discovering fresh perspectives on culture. Peter’s hobbies include soccer, watching “Mystery Science Theater 3000” and reading 80’s and Golden age comic books.

‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ Won’t Let You Down

“When it comes to sheer quantity of triple-crosses, double agents, remote control gizmo toys, one-liners, stunts and rubber mask fake outs, ‘Mission: Impossible — Fallout’ outdoes its predecessors. The big question now, however, is whether the longevity of this franchise is finally taking its toll on the overall quality.”