Know the Cast & Characters: ‘Athena’

Athena Cast - Every Actor and Character in the 2022 Netflix Movie

The Athena cast features Dali Benssalah. Sami Slimane and Anthony Bajon. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Romain Gavras’ 2022 Netflix movie. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

Athena takes place in a violent French community. When Karim learns about the murder of his younger brother, he leads a rebellion against the local police. Meanwhile, his older brothers get mixed up in a major misunderstanding. The narrative follows the main protagonists as they kidnap a cop and theorize about the motivations of a far-right political group. Here’s every actor and character in Athena.

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Athena Cast: Dali Benssalah as Abdel

Athena Cast on Netflix - Dali Benssalah as Abdel

Character Profile: A French police officer. He looks for his younger brother after their sibling dies. Abdel leads an evacuation while conversing with his three surviving brothers.

Benssalah’s Resume: Fouad in Savages (2019), Samir in Street Flow (2019), Abderrahmane Toumi in Ein paar Tage Licht (2021), Abel in My Brothers and I (2021), Primo in No Time to Die (2021)

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Athena Cast: Sami Slimane as Karim

Athena Cast on Netflix - Sami Slimane as Karim

Character Profile: Abdel’s younger brother. He leads a rebellion upon learning that the police killed his sibling. Karim orchestrates a cop kidnapping and ignores warnings about a far-right political conspiracy.

Slimane’s Resume: Movie Debut in Athena

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Athena Cast: Anthony Bajon as Jérôme

Athena Cast on Netflix - Anthony Bajon as Jérôme

Character Profile: A French police officer. He clashes with Karim’s group. Jérôme gets caught in the middle of a political conflict.

Bajon’s Resume: Auguste Beuret in Rodin (2017), Benjamin Villeneuve in The Inside Game (2018-19), Thomas in The Prayer (2018), Charlie in You Deserve a Lover (2019), Léo Corvard in The Third War (2020)

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Athena Cast: Ouassini Embarek as Moktar

Athena Cast on Netflix - Ouassini Embarek as Moktar

Character Profile: Abdel and Karim’s older brother. He is a cocaine distributor with an old school demeanor. Moktar argues with his half-brother Abdel.

Embarek’s Resume: Slimane in Internal Affairs (1997), Driss in Beach Cafe (2001), Said in The Good Thief (2002), Braqueur Alex in Cash Truck (2004), Paplar in The Eddy (2020)

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The Athena cast also includes Alexis Manenti (Apnea, The Eddy), Birane Ba (The Prayer, A Faithful Man), Iless Hachi, Younes Benbakki and Meriam Sbia.

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