Know the Cast: ‘Dopesick’

Dopesick Cast - Every Main Performer and Character in the Hulu Series

The Dopesick cast includes Michael Keaton, Kaitlyn Dever and Peter Sarsgaard. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Danny Strong’s 2021 Hulu miniseries. Check out Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section for more streaming guides.

Based on Beth Macy’s 2018 novel, Dopesick chronicles the opioid crisis in America. The storyline jumps back and forth in time to explain how Richard Sackler of Purdue Pharma developed OxyContin and marketed the drug across the world. In one subplot, an Appalachian doctor grapples with his life decisions after prescribing Oxy to various members of his Virginia community. Meanwhile, U.S. attorney Rick Mountcastle investigates Purdue Pharma’s long-term business strategy. Here’s every main performer and character in Dopesick.

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Dopesick Cast: Michael Keaton as Samuel Finnix

Dopesick Cast - Michael Keaton as Samuel Finnix

Character Profile: A doctor in Finch Creek, Virginia. He focuses on helping the community after losing his wife, Shelley, to ovarian cancer. Samuel experiences a moral crisis after several patients die from OxyContin overdoses.

Keaton’s Resume: Betelgeuse in Beetlejuice (1988), Batman/Bruce Wayne in Batman (1989), Riggan in Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (2014), Walter “Robby” Robinson in Spotlight (2015), Kenneth Feinberg in Worth (2020)

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Dopesick Cast: Peter Sarsgaard as Rick Mountcastle

Dopesick Cast - Peter Sarsgaard as Rick Mountcastle

Character Profile: A U.S. attorney in Virginia. In 2005, he realizes that OxyContin is the main source of crime in his region. Rick pursues a case against Purdue Pharma after discovering that the company funds various pain support groups.

Sarsgaard’s Resume: Garden State (2004), Clyde Martin in Kinsey (2004), Alan Troy in Jarhead(2005), Ray Seward in The Killing (2013), Henry Fisher in The Guilty (2021)

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Dopesick Cast: Michael Stuhlbarg as Richard Sackler

Dopesick Cast - Michael Stuhlbarg as Richard Sackler

Character Profile: The president of Purdue Pharma. He develops OxyContin and creates the condition known as “breakthrough pain” in his pursuit to heal the world. Richard refuses to take breaks and tries to get OxyContin approved in Germany.

Stuhlbarg’s Resume: Larry Gopnik in A Simple Man (2009), Arnold Rothstein in Boardwalk Empire (2010-13), Dr. Robert Hoffstetler in The Shape of Water (2017), Mr. Perlman in Call Me by Your Name (2017), Bob in Beckett (2021)

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Dopesick Cast: Will Poulter as Billy Cutler

Dopesick Cast - Will Poulter as Billy Cutler

Character Profile: A Purdue Pharmacy employee. He introduces Samuel to OxyContin and hopes to find a “whale” client. Billy willfully manipulates business acquaintances but doesn’t seem to fully understand the bigger picture.

Poulter’s Resume: Eustace Scrubb in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010), Kenny Rossmore in We’re the Millers (2013), Gally in The Maze Runner (2014), Krauss in Detroit (2017), Mark in Midsommar (2019)

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Dopesick Cast: John Hoogenakker as Randy Ramseyer

Dopesick Cast - John Hoogenakker as Randy Ramseyer

Character Profile: Rick’s colleague, an assistant U.S. attorney. He is diagnosed with prostate cancer and refuses to take OxyContin. Randy helps Rick make a huge breakthrough in the case against Purdue Pharma.

Hoogenakker’s Resume: Leo Bianchi in The Playboy Club (2011), Gordon Sirica in The Girlfriend Experience (2016), Scott Garland in Colony (2018), Matice in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (2018-19), Carl Wilkes in Castle Rock (2019)

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Dopesick Cast: Kaitlyn Dever as Betsy Mallum

Dopesick Cast - Kaitlyn Dever as Betsy Mallum

Character Profile: A Finch Creek miner. She hopes to move to Eureka Springs, Arkansas with her girlfriend, Grace (Cleopatra Coleman). Betsy becomes an OxyContin addict after suffering devastating injuries at work.

Dever’s Resume: Loretta McCready in Justified (2011-15), Eve Baxter in Last Man Standing (2011), Amy in Booksmart (2019), Marie Adler in Unbelievable (2019), Abbi Miller in The Premise (2021)

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Dopesick Cast: Rosario Dawson as Bridget Meyer

Dopesick Cast - Rosario Dawson as Bridget Meyer

Character Profile: The DEA’s deputy director of the diversion division. She realizes that high school students have become addicted to OxyContin. Bridget gets promoted and teams up with Rick.

Dawson’s Resume: Lala Bonilla in He Got Game (1998), Mimi Marquez in Rent (2005), Claire Temple in Daredevil (2015-16), Batgirl/Barbara Gordon in The Lego Batman Movie (2017), Allegra Dill in Briarpatch (2019-20)

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Dopesick Cast: Phillipa Soo as Amber

Dopesick Cast - Phillipa Soo as Amber

Character Profile: A Purdue Pharma employee. She graduated from Harvard University and threatens pharmacists with lawsuits if they don’t sell OxyContin. Amber pursues a relationship with her colleague Billy.

Soo’s Resume: Lexi in Smash (2013), Harper Li in The Code (2019), Eliza Hamilton in Hamilton (2020), Chang’e in Over the Moon (2020), Cydni Estereo in The Bite (2021)

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Dopesick Cast: Ray McKinnon as Jerry Mallum

Dopesick Cast - Ray McKinnon as Jerry Mallum

Character Profile: Betsy’s father. He’s a religious man who doesn’t realize that his daughter is a lesbian. Jerry receives advice from Samuel and asks Betsy to leave after learning the truth about her sexuality.

McKinnon’s Resume: Vernon T. Waldrip in O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000), Reverend H.W. Smith in Deadwood (2004), Senior in Mud (2012), Lincoln “Linc” Potter in Sons of Anarchy (2011) and Mayans M.C. (2018-)

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The Dopesick cast also includes Jake McDorman (Watchmen, The Right Stuff), Cleopatra Coleman (The Last Man on Earth, In the Shadow of the Moon), Will Chase (Stranger Things, Sharp Objects) and Meagen Fay (Barton Fink, Magnolia).

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