Know the Cast: ‘On the Verge’

On the Verge Cast - Every Main Performer and Character in the Netflix Series

The On the Verge cast features Julie Delpy, Sarah Jones, Alexia Landeau and Elisabeth Shue. This info article contains spoilers and character details for Julie Delpy’s Netflix series. Check out Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section for more streaming guides.

On the Verge chronicles the lives of four Los Angeles women before the COVID-19 pandemic. The protagonists deal with marital conflict while trying to better understand the identities of their children. Most of all, the focal entrepreneurs attempt to prove that they can survive on their own. Here’s every main performer and character in On the Verge, which features direction from Julie Delpy (Two Days in Paris), Mathieu Demy (The Bureau) and David Petrarca (Warrior).

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On the Verge Cast: Julie Delpy as Justine

On the Verge Cast - Julie Delpy as Justine

Character Profile: A French-American chef at Chez Juste in Los Angeles. She’s working on a culinary book and hopes to improve her social media presence. Justine tries to convince her husband to attend marital counseling sessions while raising her young son.

Delpy’s Resume: Dominique in Three Colors: Blue (1993), Zoe in Killing Zoe (1993), Céline in Richard Linklater’s “Before” Trilogy (1995-2013), Marion in Two Days in Paris (2007), Madame B in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

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On the Verge Cast: Sarah Jones as Yasmin

On the Verge Cast - Sarah Jones as Yasmin

Character Profile: A Black-Persian feminist with a son named Orion and a husband named Will. She makes lemon preserves and considers a job offer from her cousin Darien. Yasmin has political interests and used to be a translator.

Jones’ Resume: Kirsta in Lisa Picard Is Famous (2000), Dot in Bamboozled (2000), Inez in Broad City (2019), TV Show Producer in Marriage Story (2019)

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On the Verge Cast: Alexia Landeau as Ell

On the Verge Cast - Alexia Landeau as Ell

Character Profile: A mother with three children from three different men. She struggles to maintain a steady job and tries to develop her own talent agency. Ell pressures her friends to seemingly exploit their children for her benefit.

Landeau’s Resume: Cousin Maeva in Down to You (2000), Cheryl in Moonlight Mile (2002), Comtesse de la Londe in Marie Antoinette (2006), Tessa Bishop in The Path (2016-18)

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On the Verge Cast: Elisabeth Shue as Anne

On the Verge Cast - Elisabeth Shue as Anne

Character Profile: A designer who lives in Venice with her two children. She inherited her home and likes to smoke a little marijuana. Anne separates from her husband and strategizes for the future.

Shue’s Resume: Ali in The Karate Kid (1984), Chris in Adventures in Babysitting (1987), Jennifer in the Back to the Future Movie Franchise (1989-90), Sera in Leaving Las Vegas (1995), Madelyn Stillwell in The Boys (2019-20)

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On the Verge Cast: Mathieu Demy as Martin

On the Verge Cast - Mathieu Demy as Martin

Character Profile: Justine’s husband, an architect. He’s skeptical of American trends and believes that he’s more talented than his wife. Martin struggles to find work but seems to get along with others well. The actor Demy is the son of the iconic French filmmakers Jacques Demy and Agnès Varda.

Demy’s Resume: Le fils de A. in Jane B. for Agnes V.  (1988), Le père de Laure in Tomboy (2011), Martin in Americano (2011), Clément Migaud in The Bureau (2015-17), Patrick in Mythomaniac (2019)

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On the Verge Cast: Giovanni Ribisi as Jerry

On the Verge Cast - Giovanni Ribisi as Jerry

Character Profile: A restaurant owner who commissions Justine to write a book. He’s a married sex addict who has a sexual encounter with Ell. Jerry urges Justine to be less existential with her writing.

Ribisi’s Resume: Frank Buffay Jr. in Friends (1995-2003), Medic Wade in Saving Private Ryan (1998), Seth Davis in Boiler Room (2000), Parker Selfridge in the Avatar Movie Franchise (2009-), Marius Josipovic/Pete Murphy in Sneaky Pete (2015-19)

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On the Verge Cast: Troy Garity as George

On the Verge Cast - Troy Garity as George

Character Profile: Anne’s husband. He’s 10 years younger and decides that he wants to separate. Troy considers moving across the country to New York.

Garity’s Resume: John Bianchi in The Playboy Club (2011), Sam Miller in Boss (2011-12), Wrevock in Gangster Squad (2013), Jason Antolotti  in Ballers (2015-19), Jeffrey Denning in Shooter (2017)

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On the Verge Cast: Timm Sharp as Will

On the Verge Cast - Timm Sharp as Will

Character Profile: Yasmin’s husband. He’s a well-known software coder who might be on the spectrum. Will doesn’t appear to fully understand the truth about Yasmin’s past.

Sharp’s Resume: Marshall Nesbitt in Undeclared (2001-03), Richard in Friends with Money (2006), Doug Von Stuessen in ‘Til Death (2007-10), Dougie Daniels in Enlightened (2011-13), Harold Snow in Briarpatch (2019-20)

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The On the Verge cast also includes Dhruv Uday Singh (Good Trouble, Prodigal Son), Jennifer E. Gardner (Last Place Trophy), Brady Smith (Parks and Recreation, First Man) and Emily Wagner (ER, Two Days in New York).

Q.V. Hough (@QVHough) is Vague Visages’ founding editor.