‘The Many Saints of Newark’ Cast: Who Plays Livia Soprano from ‘The Sopranos’

The Sopranos Cast - Nancy Marchand as Livia Soprano

The Many Saints of Newark cast includes Vera Farmiga as Livia Soprano. This article provides information about the actress and the original character from The Sopranos. Check out Vague Visages’ Movie and TV News section for more industry updates.

Warner Bros. will release The Many Saints of Newark on October 1, 2021. Directed by Alan Taylor, The Sopranos prequel movie explores the formative years of Tony Soprano (Michael Gandolfini), who learns about organized crime from his uncle Dickie Moltisanti (Alessandro Nivola). The Many Saints of Newark reportedly features voiceover narration from The Sopranos character Christopher Moltisanti (Michael Imperioli), who provides a postmortem commentary about his blood family and mafia associates. The Many Saints of Newark cast also includes Livia Soprano, one of the key figures in the first two seasons of the HBO series. Here’s a breakdown of the character’s role in The Many Saints of Newark, along with details about the actress who portrays Tony’s mother.

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The Sopranos: Nancy Marchand Is Livia Soprano in the HBO Series

The Sopranos Cast - Nancy Marchand as Livia Soprano

Nancy Marchand appears in 22 episodes of The Sopranos as Livia Soprano. In season 1, episode 1 (“Pilot”), Tony’s mother argues with him about living in a retirement home, and refuses to dance to her favorite song. Livia later plots against her son, even colluding with her brother-in-law, Junior (Dominic Chianese), in an assassination conspiracy. The character makes her last appearance in The Sopranos season 3, episode 2 (“Proshai, Livushka”), which aired approximately nine months after Marchand’s death at age 71 from cancer. HBO used CGI for the actress’ last “performance.”

Marchand’s Resume: Mrs. Pynchon in Lou Grant (1977-1982), Mayor in The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988), Maude Larrabee in Law & Order (1992), Maude Larrabee in Sabrina (1995), Maude Larrabee in Dear God (1996)

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The Many Saints of Newark Cast: Vera Farmiga Portrays Livia Soprano in the 2021 Movie

The Many Saints of Newark Cast - Vera Farmiga as Livia Soprano

The Many Saints of Newark cast features Vera Farmiga in a main role as Livia Soprano. In the trailer, the character discusses her son’s high IQ and low grades with a teacher. Livia scoffs at the suggestion that Tony is a “leader,” which fully aligns with her demeanor in The Sopranos. She also bears a resemblance to her son’s future wife, Carmela (Edie Falco), suggesting that James Gandolfini’s Tony suffers from an Oedipal complex in the HBO series.

Farmiga’s Resume: Madolyn in The Departed (2006), Alex Goran in Up in the Air (2009), Kate in Orphan (2009), Norma Louise Bates in Bates Motel (2013-17), Lorraine Warren in The Conjuring Movie Universe (2013-)

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