Recap: Marry Me ‘Annicurser Me’


The weekly viewers have been in steady decline, but NBC’s Tuesday night romcom, Marry Me, seems to be headed in the right direction as NBC ordered five more episodes.

Last week I officially committed to Marry Me and Tuesday night’s episode, “Annicurser Me,’ sealed the deal. I’m enjoying the ensemble comedy offered up before the opening credits and I’m hoping the writers can give us less cutesy play on words (at least in the newly ordered episodes) and more original dialogue that worked so well in the pilot. For example, it’s possible to convey that Jake (Ken Marino) isn’t quite ready for the next stage in life without making him rhyme “edamame” and “Annie-Mami.” Also, both a blur and beep were utilized in the opening minutes of “Annicurser Me,” courtesy of Casey Wilson, and these could be happening too often as well. The placement was good, but if it’s going to be Marry Me’s “thing” then some snappy dialogue should compliment the blurred boobs and f-bombs.

Overall, Tuesday’s episode was strong with a focus on John Gemberling’s Gil and his potential hookup with the beautiful Dennah (Sarah Wright Olsen). I actually like confident Gil much more than self-loathing Gil and Marry Me didn’t necessary need to make fun of the Brit to highlight Gil’s newfound manliness. Despite a late “like a boss” line from Jake, the jokes as a whole were hilarious, especially the reference to LL Cool J licking his lips (he does do that a lot). Of course, the inherent joke was the seemingly doomed anniversary dates of Jake and Annie (Fantasia Yang!), who discovered the world does not oppose their love. At least not yet. For now, they look to be safe for at least 18 episodes.

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