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The Work: FEUD ‘You Mean All This Time We Could Have Been Friends?’ (Recap)

“I think ‘Feud’ believes we should take another look, turn on another spotlight or two (or three, or four) and see people beyond the work… for all the things they are.”

It Was Never Enough: FEUD ‘Abandoned‘ (Recap)

“‘Feud’ may not be the most honest depiction of Joan Crawford and Bette Davis as human beings, but it provides an authentic depiction of the way it feels to be a woman trapped in a system that isn’t made for them or by them.”

The Sweet Smell of Rot: FEUD ‘Hagsploitation’ (Recap)

“At its best, ‘Feud’ seeks to prove, and admirably so, that trash — as John Waters and William Castle can attest — is hardly the worst thing one can be.”

I Didn’t See That She Was There: FEUD ‘And the Winner is… (The Oscars of 1963)’ (Recap)

“While men may act as puppeteers — pulling all the strings, setting women up for failure — it is the women themselves who commit the most petty and egregious acts of terror.”

Right Hand Ladies: FEUD ‘More, or Less’ (Recap)

“The American Dream is alive and well in ‘Feud,’ though it may be buried deep below the surface of in-fighting, old rules and men that can’t see the tide rolling in.”

Supporting Actress: FEUD ‘Mommie Dearest’ (Recap)

“Bette, Joan, the children, Victor… we all have a mother. And whether we like her or not, she has a part of us.”

Horror’s the Future: FEUD ‘The Other Woman’ (Recap)

“‘Feud’ seems to be driven as much by male insecurity and fear of failure as it does anything to do with the women.”

Aspics and Cocktails: FEUD ‘Pilot’ (Recap)

“What could be a simple dramatization of events is given the potential to deviate from reality; to acknowledge that truth through gossip is rarely what it seems to be.”

Blindspots: The Night Of ‘The Call of the Wild’ (Recap)

“For supposed ‘prestige TV,’ ‘The Night Of’ is simply lazy.”

Extraneous Evidence: The Night Of ‘Ordinary Death’ (Recap)

“Chandra goes from being a charming ingénue to a woeful bastion of ignorance even more secluded from society than the eczema-plagued Jack.”

Red Herrings and Strange Bedfellows: The Night Of ‘Samson and Delilah’ (Recap)

“Zaillian and Price find themselves with quite a bit of ground to cover in the series’ final two episodes.”

Heroes and Villains: The Night Of ‘The Art of War’ (Recap)

“Naz is both incredibly lucky and liable to have his luck run out at any minute.”

Preacher Recap: ‘Call and Response’

Ryan E. Johnson on the season finale of AMC’s ‘Preacher.’

Two Drink Minimum: ‘BoJack Horseman’ Season 3 Recaps (Part 1 of 4)

“Despite being under the ‘Two Drink Minimum’ banner, make no mistake: ‘BoJack Horseman’ is not a comedy.”

Just Dropped In to See What Condition My Skin Condition Was In: The Night Of ‘A Dark Crate’ (Recap)

“There’s nothing more indicative of the flaws in HBO’s ‘The Night Of’ than Jack Stone’s eczema.”

Preacher Recap: ‘Finish the Song’

“In many ways, the first season of AMC’s ‘Preacher’ has led to a slow descent into damnation for its characters.”

The Agony and the Eczema: The Night Of ‘Subtle Beast’ (Recap)

“Beyond racial insensitivity, the opening hours of ‘The Night Of’ have been marked by attempts at complexity which end up doing little to give characters depth.”

Preacher Recap: ‘El Valero’

“As it’s proven in its previous episodes, ‘Preacher’ is not a show that markets in hope, and all that Jesse has left in his wake so far is a boy sent to Hell, a lost church, broken relationships and a dead dog.”

Chekhov’s Dogma: The Night Of ‘The Beach’ (Recap)

“The episode stumbles by dogmatically adhering to Chekhov’s gun more than is necessary or beneficial, but the talents of Zaillian, Price and the cast still give ‘The Night Of’ an excellent start.”

Preacher Recap: ‘He Gone’

“Viewers surely know that it’s not God behind Jesse’s powers, and ‘Preacher’ is about to unveil what evils Jesse will allow himself in order to save his land, and his life.”