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The Readiness Is All: True Detective ‘Night Finds You’ (Recap)

“As a creative whole, the second episode of True Detective was darker than its predecessor, and Nic Pizzolatto’s blatant dialogue ensured that casual viewers would get the hint.”

Recap: Louie ‘The Road Part 1’

“One assumes that C.K. won’t spend the entire season finale depicting the further redemption of his protagonist, so it’s certainly conceivable that “The Road: Part Two” will bring new dimensions to the arc. As of now, though, it doesn’t appear to offer much.”

Recap: Mad Men ‘Lost Horizon’

“Don Draper is clearly experiencing some type of reawakening, and he can’t jump from a New York City skyscraper if he doesn’t go back. Next week’s episode of Mad Men is titled ‘The Milk and Honey Route’ — a reference to life as a hobo.”