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TIFF 2018 Review: Felix Van Groeningen’s ‘Beautiful Boy’

“‘Beautiful Boy’ occasionally veers into prevention video territory, but the despair and forced acceptance that David goes through show a side of fatherhood that cinema rarely confronts. Sometimes, your child has to help himself.”

Review: Janus Metz’s ‘Borg vs McEnroe’

“‘Borg vs McEnroe’ loses momentum during its tennis sequences, but that’s just a minor complaint. Advantage LaBeouf.”

On Growing Up, First Love and Learning in ‘An Education’ and ‘Call Me by Your Name’

A Comparative Essay by Ellie Steiner

Lady Bird and the War of Innocence

“Maybe this war of innocence is one that’s never really won or lost. Maybe we just take life one battle at a time.”

‘Call Me by Your Name’: On Obsession, Growing Up and Falling in Love

An Essay by Ella Kemp

The Ideology of Kinko’s: A Conversation with ‘Lady Bird’ Cinematographer Sam Levy

Devika Girish Interviews Sam Levy

Review: Luca Guadagnino’s ‘Call Me by Your Name’

“‘Call Me by Your Name’ skips through time like a dream, or a calcified, powerful memory.”