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Ella Kemp

How to Lose Control: Understanding Children and Insecurity with ‘The New Man’

Ella Kemp Interviews ‘The New Man’ Filmmakers/Subjects Devorah Baum and Josh Appignanesi

Cannes Film Festival Review: David Robert Mitchell’s ‘Under the Silver Lake’

“It’ll take more than a surface-level appreciation of ‘Under the Silver Lake’ to grasp what lies beneath real threats, instinctive desire and a swilling indebtment to the world that has shaped who we are.”

Cannes Film Festival Review: Panos Cosmatos’ ‘Mandy’

“It’s unconventional and provocative, but with such a powerfully invigorating narration and clear passion between the lines, ‘Mandy’ feels like an explosive liberation.”

Berlinale 2018 Review: Wes Anderson’s ‘Isle of Dogs’

“While messy in parts and offering more of a sprint than a narrative marathon, there is great heart and ferocious energy in this cartoonish caper.”

‘Call Me by Your Name’: On Obsession, Growing Up and Falling in Love

An Essay by Ella Kemp