Category: Active Film Series

Active Vague Visages Film Series

Miami Vice Movie Film - Movement and Melancholy

Mannhunting: Exploring Masculinity in the Films of Michael Mann – Part Four

“Masculinity in Mann’s world is its own prison, a conundrum of duality, a question of what someone will stand for and the masks they may wear while striving for an identity.”

World Cinema Project Trances Redes

World Cinema Project: The Sights and Sounds of a Nation – ‘Trances’ and ‘Redes’

“As with the underlying creed of Trances, the unambiguous intent of Redes’ communal message resonates in its country of origin and around the world, communicating the pleas for justice, egalitarianism and independence that are vital facets of life and are so often central to the best of all cinematic documentaries.”

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