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The House That Jack Built Movie Essay - 2018 Lars von Trier Film

On ‘The House That Jack Built,’ Art Monsters and Not-So-Guilty Pleasures

“Perhaps dismissing von Trier’s work is the right course of action for those that have never found anything to connect to in his films. As for the rest of us (women)… the relationship will only continue to take warped, strained forms.”

Widows Movie Review - 2018 Steve McQueen Film

House Heist: Steve McQueen’s Stylish ‘Widows’

“For many, McQueen’s stylishness will help excuse the rubbery plot holes, lapses in logic and farfetched surprises that might lead some to wonder how ‘Widows’ might have unfolded as a leaner, tighter operation.”

Benny's Video Movie Essay - 1992 Michael Haneke Film

Vague Visages Is FilmStruck: Michael Haneke’s ‘Benny’s Video’

“‘Benny’s Video’ implicates us, the audience, for watching. Haneke chides the spectators, removed from the action by a screen, for their inability — or perhaps their unwillingness — to stop the violence.”

House by the River Movie Essay - 1950 Fritz Lang Film

Of Love and Other Demons: ‘House by the River’

“While Lang never fully embraced socialist principles over the course of his career, he always seemed to have a violent distaste for the men who stood on the shoulders of those who were less fortunate, knowing full well that social class does not correlate a strong moral conscious.”

The Last Seduction Movie Essay - 1994 John Dahl Film

The Feminine Grotesque #7: She’s a Loaded Gun – On ‘The Last Seduction’

“As Bridget Gregory in ‘The Last Seduction,’ Linda Fiorentino is like the shock of hearing a gunshot in the dead of night. She embodies, more than any other character, the ethos of the modern femme fatale.”

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