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Book Review: ‘Rex’d: Welcome to Scholomance’ is the Perfect Halloween Read


A Friday night Halloween keeps everyone busy, but once the kids are done collecting the sweets, kick back and check out the exceptional novel by J.R. Reher/J.B. Skelter, Rex’d: Welcome to Scholomance. Although one may temporarily forget about oodles of candy, the characters of Rex’d won’t soon be forgotten.

Taking place on Halloween, Rex’d conjures up memories of classic 80s horror; a time when kids could expect to be surprised and dive into something original. With the emergence of endless YA (Young Adult) franchises controlling the minds of young readers, the protagonist of Rex’d represents a more eclectic crowd.

If the establishing scene doesn’t pique the reader’s interest, nothing will. The town of Scholomance (think Bram Stoker’s Dracula) has been turned upside down after a mysterious event inside the school’s walls and an ER doctor notices something highly unusual as ambulances race to the hospital  — a werewolf and a vampire. And so, the authors turn back the clock and give us the story of Rex; a young man with an interest in history and discovering the truth about his mother’s death.

While Reher teamed up with Jon Bassoff aka J.B. Skelter (Corrosion) to write Rex’d, he is no stranger to the entertainment industry. The 36-year-old moved to Hollywood several years ago to attend the AFI Conservatory for an MFA in Screenwriting and penned the script for the upcoming Billy Bob Thornton film, Grizzly. Reher has also teamed up with producer Chris White (V/H/S: Viral) for a film adaptation of Rex’d.

Through the authors’ remarkable storytelling and crisp writing, a story emerges that any kid may relate to. The mother of Rex has passed away, his father seems distant and he’s also adapting to the pressures of a new school. The painting of his life portrait shines through the authors’ potent dialogue, which snaps as each remarkable sentence concludes. The lyrical narration of Rex’d often reminds of Edgar Allen Poe, while retaining a unique personality appropriate for today’s readers.

Most importantly, the subplots of Rex’d will surely lead many to embark on their own investigative adventures. It’s The Goonies for a new generation and a story that young minds can grasp onto for something different.

Rex’d: Welcome to Scholomance is available for purchase at Amazon.