Fun Last-Minute Halloween Ideas


When you haven’t prepared anything for a Halloween festivity, last-minute ideas can be stressful. For a simple (and quick) go- to costume just wear all black and create any spooky or fun face using Halloween make-up kits. There are plenty of great Halloween make-up tutorials on YouTube. Below are a few different costume ideas for easy, last-minute options, as you may already have some things in your closet to use. Personally, I have small kids, so I do not scar them for life by picking The Walking Dead-looking stuff or creepy things. Happy Halloween!


Black Kitty lipstick:

YouTube video

Moulin Rouge/Can Can; Makeup Geek Tutorial Here:

YouTube video

Killer Prom Queen: all you need is any fancy dress, tiara and a prop such as an axe or fake blood.


Super simple: dress in any style of clothing and grab some fake fangs — instant vampire.

Suit and Sunglasses + Men in Black

*Pick one of your favorite movie characters, perhaps a psycho one such as “The Cable Guy,” and practice the mannerisms or anything that you can pull off with complimenting clothing.

YouTube video

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