International TV Spotlight: ‘Please Like Me’


Please Like Me is a comedic drama following Josh, a young adult in Australia, as he stumbles through life just trying to figure it all out. Josh Thomas is the creator, writer and star of this charming show.

Surrounded by his friends and extremely eccentric family, Josh’s world is full of interesting characters. Viewers will laugh and cry watching his boy trouble and difficulty figuring out a plan for his life. Please Like Me is definitely something worth watching.

Josh Thomas has created his world in an unapologetic manner and it is amazing to see. His life is full of many mistakes and few triumphant moments. The whole series starts with Josh’s girlfriend breaking up with him because she knows he is gay over a $19 sundae. After his relationship ends abruptly, he accidentally finds himself in a relationship with another young man. Please Like Me is one of a few shows created from strictly one person’s viewpoint, as Mindy Kaling, the stars of Broad City and Lena Dunham are some of the people who just create their image. Thomas is not potraying an extremely glamorous life for his character or trying to pass forward some agenda or message. This is just a show about one guy’s life. Plain, simple and great.

One of the refreshing parts of Please Like Me is the utilization of a talented adult cast. Many programs about young adults make their characters as background placeholders, but not this Australian program. Josh’s parents Alan and Rose are played brilliantly by actors David Roberts and Debra Lawrance, respectively. Josh’s Aunt Peg (Judi Farr) and his father’s girlfriend Mae (Renee Lim) round out the adults on the show. Their story lines play a major role in each season of Please Like Me and they are often the funniest part of episodes.

Lastly, Please Like Me addresses very serious topics without fear and it is inspiring to watch. Rose’s story line from the first episode of the series is centered on her depression and mental illness. Over the two seasons, we see her struggle and work through her issues. Yes, sometimes it is framed in a funny way. Please Like Me does not shy away from a serious portrayal of mental illness.

Please Like Me is great because you will laugh and you will cry. Josh Thomas has filled his world with many interesting and full characters. It’s a great Australian show everyone should be watching.

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