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Alamin Yohannes

Blogging, television and public relations are my passions. I like movies and anything that makes me laugh too.

‘Sense8’ Review: The Human Stories of Netflix’s Sci-Fi Drama Make for a Strong Start

“The latest Netflix original series, Sense8, throws a lot at the viewer in its premiere episode with an overarching science fiction arc and eight powerful human stories, but somehow the Wachowskis pull it off.”

‘Grace and Frankie’ is a Fun Comedy with Fascinating Characters and Some Storytelling Problems

“Netflix’s latest original program, Grace and Frankie, has the makings of a great comedy series, but it falls a little short in Season 1.”

Amazon Comedy Pilot Reviews: ‘Salem Rogers’ and ‘Down Dog’

“Amazon’s new comedy pilots have their share of problems, although the underdog stories may appeal to the masses. I’m giving the upper hand to Down Dog.”

Amazon Pilot Review: ‘Cocked’

“Cocked is not all bad, as there is a great family drama in there somewhere.”

Amazon Pilot Review: ‘The Man in the High Castle’

“Film series like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games boast a visually interesting world that draws us in, which is also present in The Man in the High Castle pilot.”

Amazon Pilot Review: ‘Point of Honor’

“Amazon Studios’ new war drama has everything it needs for a fun series about young people, but the execution falls short.”

‘The Fall’ Season 2 Review

Just when you thought this series couldn’t more twisted and brilliant…it does.

The Golden Globes Disservice to TV’s Best Supporting Actor/Actress Categories

VV’s Alamin Yohannes: “With the increase in television shows and amazing talents being showcased, this Golden Globes category is borderline criminal.”

International TV Spotlight: ‘The Fall’

Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan are magical in this twisted crime drama from across the pond.


International TV Spotlight: ‘Please Like Me’

An Australian program that is hysterical, heart breaking and most importantly a great time.


Music on TV: ‘Let’s Get To Scooping’

Last Thursday’s How To Get Away With Murder ended with a scene incredibly performed by star Viola Davis.


International TV Spotlight: ‘Line of Duty’

Americans should check out BBC Two’s Line of Duty (Hulu) for a new type of police officer.