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Twin Peaks - The Black Lodge

Unpacking the Red Rooms of Horror

“The Red Room is something to conquer or contend with, just like the monsters of the real world.”

VV Shudder Selects: Ciara Pitts on Harry Kümel’s ‘Daughters of Darkness’

“‘Daughters of Darkness’ invites the audience into a cold, dreamlike experience that explores the versatility of desire.”

Ari Aster Essay - Hereditary

Ari Aster’s ‘Hereditary’: Hollow Horror

“What’s truly terrifying about ‘Hereditary’ is how empty it really is.”

Cannes Film Festival Review: Panos Cosmatos’ ‘Mandy’

“It’s unconventional and provocative, but with such a powerfully invigorating narration and clear passion between the lines, ‘Mandy’ feels like an explosive liberation.”

Critics in Conversation: Talking about Filmmakers and Talking with Them

Manuela Lazic and Adam Nayman on Conducting Interviews and Writing about Directors

Jack Ascending: Nicholson’s 1980s

“There has always been a conflict at play in Nicholson’s screen presence: between ‘Nicholson’ and ‘Jack.’ The desire to be taken seriously and the lure of the riotous Jack persona have always done battle across his decades of stardom.”

Devious Dialogues: Mike Thorn and Anya Stanley on the ‘Psycho’ Franchise

“I’ll even go so far as to say that the sequel is just as satisfying as the original, in my eyes.”

The Sadness of Desert Trolls: On Robert Altman’s ‘3 Women’

“Altman balances searing interpersonal conflicts with a visual rhythm that’s downright whimsical.”

Sparkling Romances and Sweet Facades: Damien Chazelle’s ‘La La Land’

“Might I put it out into the ether that a ‘weak link’ doesn’t exist in ‘La La Land’.”

No Exit: Access and Isolation in Babak Anvari’s ‘Under the Shadow’

“‘Under the Shadow’ is an admirable film, albeit not wholly original.”

Review: Mickey Keating’s ‘Darling’ (2015)

A Column by Q.V. Hough