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Mike Scholtz Filmmaker

Collecting Movies with ‘Riplist’ Director Mike Scholtz

Greg Carlson Interviews Documentarian Mike Scholtz About VHS Collecting

‘A Serious Man,’ the Goy’s Teeth and the Coenesque

“When we watch the films, we can be Larry — agonising over ‘feeling the question’ — or we can be Sussman, content not to know but still enjoying the experience.”

A Humanistic Conclusion: Fargo ‘Palindrome’ (Recap)

“Even removed from the extraterrestrials and murderous Midwestern crime families, the world of Fargo is a violent and disturbing one, and Hank attempts to do his part by creating an Esperanto-like universal language.”

Like Its Characters’ Christmas Plans, ‘Krampus’ Is More Fun in Concept Than Execution

“As it is, it’s like a stocking crammed with too many little bits and bobs that came to mind for the stocking-stuffer, ultimately pleasing no one like one or two well-considered big gifts would have.”

Murder and Reagan: Fargo ‘The Gift of the Magi’ (Recap)

“The voice of a fictional Ronald Reagan (played with a perfect mix of jocularity and sincerity by Bruce Campbell) looms over ‘The Gift of the Magi,’ setting a tone in the first act that never wanes throughout the episode.”

Out of Respect for the Dead: Fargo ‘Fear and Trembling’ (Recap)

“In Noah Hawley’s show inspired by the Coen brothers’ work, a high body count and a willingness to laugh at it have been no less a part of the universe, in some ways serving as the most direct connection between the series and the film.”

Pushing Boulders: Fargo ‘The Myth of Sisyphus’ (Recap)

“Gallows humor is a trademark of just about all of the Coens’ work (and Fargo in particular), and Noah Hawley and his writers have done a brilliant job of coming up with gags worthy of their show’s namesake.”

It Really Tied the Plot Together: Fargo ‘Before the Law’ (Recap)

“Beyond being a neat stylistic trick and an effect that would make Abel Gance proud, the use of split-screens in the first two episodes of Fargo Season 2 has the helpful narrative role of directly uniting the show’s disparate narrative elements.”

Capturing the Coens: Fargo ‘Waiting for Dutch’ (Recap)

“The little side comments throughout “Waiting for Dutch” keep the episode light on its feet, but never in a way which overwhelms the story or characters, making for a fantastic start to the season.”