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Kristen Lopez

I'm a college student getting my Master's in English, but dreams of getting an additional degree in Film. I'm a movie reviewer for several sites, but I also write classic film reviews for several other sites. I stretch myself pretty thin these days. You can usually find me at a bookstore, or a movie theater. I dream of the day when the two are combined. I base a lot of my friendships on favorite movies.

My Summer of Dunst: Series Conclusion

“Kirsten Dunst deserves an apology, and a second look, from all of us.”

My Summer of Dunst: Volume 5

“Dunst remains in control of her persona, but she’s also at the mercy of Hollywood scheming.”

My Summer of Kirsten Dunst: Volume 4

“Marie Antoinette has become queen and left her partying days behind.”

My Summer of Kirsten Dunst: Volume 3

“Between ‘Elizabethtown,’ ‘Marie Antoinette’ and ‘Spider-Man 3,’ Dunst’s life and art begin to imitate each other.”

My Summer of Kirsten Dunst: Volume 2

“Dunst’s roles from 1998 to 2002 illustrate her need to conform to studio standards of femininity, balanced with her own personal desire to stretch her wings as a performer.”

My Summer of Kirsten Dunst: Volume 1

“Unlike former child stars Natalie Wood or Margaret O’Brien, Kirsten Dunst’s adolescent career is a state of becoming.”

The Tribal Landscapes of Andrea Arnold

“Andrea Arnold’s work encapsulates the liminal stage of feminine adolescence.”

Girls, Boys and Technology

“‘The Social Network’ is a history lesson, but ‘Easy A’ remains coldly ensconced in the here and now.”

The Witchy Women of ‘The Fits’: Sexuality in Anna Rose Holmer’s Debut

“One of many elements ‘the fits’ represent is this notion of burgeoning sexuality and how young women respond to the loss of virginity.”