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TIFF 2018 Review: Brady Corbet’s ‘Vox Lux’

“By being so lazy and aggressive with his judgment of pop culture, Corbet ends up making a film that is bland in its anger, annoying in its attacks and ridiculous in its contempt for its characters and audience.”

An Expedient Portrait: Robert Mullan’s ‘Mad to Be Normal’

“As a primer on Laing, ‘Mad to be Normal’ offers nothing substantive; there is little attempt to explicate Laing’s ideas, or to pursue how he formulated those ideas while working in Glasgow’s mental hospitals…”

An Indictment of the Responsible Adult: Ruben Östlund’s ‘The Square’

“This isn’t simple hypocrisy. It’s a reversal of expected roles. Children in ‘The Square’ are equated with a moral courage that has been stripped from the film’s adults.”

Vague Visages Writers’ Room: Weekend Vibes 2.16.18

Weekend Vibes is a Friday column about streaming recommendations, new release hype and entertainment events. 

On Ruben Östlund’s Dystopian Realities: ‘Force Majeure’ and ‘The Square’

“Painfully ironic, aggressive and humorously on point, Östlund’s films are timely cinematic pieces that put their characters’ moral compasses at stake.”

Of Love and Other Demons: ‘Top of the Lake’ (Jane Campion & Garth Davis, 2013)

A Weekly Column on Love and Erotica in Cinema by Justine A. Smith

Review: Ben Wheatley’s ‘High-Rise’

“‘High-Rise’ gazes without flinching at a cavalcade of violence without ever feeling like it’s truly stepped into the muck.”

The Feminine Grotesque #8: Kingdom of Rot – On ‘Queen of Earth’

A Series by Angelica Jade Bastién

The Feminine Grotesque #1: A Unified Theory on Female Madness in Cinema and American Culture

A Series by Angelica Jade Bastién

Review: Alex Ross Perry’s ‘Queen of Earth’

“An intimate character study of a shifting, indefinable character, Queen of Earth pushes the already exceptionally talented Elisabeth Moss to new levels of intense frenzy and naked emotion.”

Recap: Mad Men ‘Lost Horizon’

“Don Draper is clearly experiencing some type of reawakening, and he can’t jump from a New York City skyscraper if he doesn’t go back. Next week’s episode of Mad Men is titled ‘The Milk and Honey Route’ — a reference to life as a hobo.”

A Man Alone: Mad Men ‘Severance’ (Recap)

“The beginning of Mad Men’s final flight enforced the idea that individuals may physically change but outward appearances don’t always reflect the inner-self.”