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Knife + Heart 2018 Movie

Love Me or Kill Me: Sex, Death and Desire in Yann Gonzalez’s ‘Knife + Heart’

“Sex and death may be inseparable, but, to the commune of queers and pornographers of ‘Knife + Heart,’ so are sex and life.”

Phantasm Movie Franchise Essay - 2016 Film Phantasm: Ravager

The Experience of Death in the ‘Phantasm’ Series

“The ‘Phantasm’ films may be the best and most consistent source for on-screen existential terror, and their dream logic that allows for numerous interpretations keeps them endlessly watchable.”

Grief in Life and Death: A Comparison of ‘A Ghost Story’ and ‘Manchester by the Sea’

“Although individual grief may be colored by guilt or loneliness, jealousy or the passage of time, ultimately everyone who knows love will know a ghost story, and suffer the same grief or become a ghost in the end.”