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Sam Moore

The Souvenir Part II Review - 2021 Movie

London Film Festival Review: Joanna Hogg’s ‘The Souvenir Part II’

“Like its predecessor, ‘The Souvenir Part II’ is defined by its open spaces; the silences in conversation, the gap between ‘action’ and ‘cut,’ the clouds between the memory of how something happened, and the reality of it.”

Cowboys Movie Film

BFI Flare Review: Anna Kerrigan’s ‘Cowboys’

“Joe’s backstory allows ‘Cowboys’ to explore the difficulty of being young and trans, but never in a way that feels exploitative.”

BFI Flare Review: Patrick Sammon and Bennett Singer’s ‘Cured’

“It’s unrealistic to expect every queer film to tackle all aspects of queer life and history, but ‘Cured’ presents its narrative in a way that’s too clean and neat, too much of a happily-ever-after.”

How ‘Showgirls’ Takes Busby Berkeley to the City of Sin

“Where Berkeley uses excess as a contrast to the real world, Verhoeven uses it as a magnifying glass.”

Purple Rain by Prince Cropped

Formative: Prince ‘Purple Rain’ (1984)

“The affinity I have for Prince, and the things that I learned from his music — and continue to learn — is different than what my mum took away from it decades earlier; the music, and the connection we share with it, is something I find myself returning to regularly.”

Teorema and Visitor Q

Alike in Their Way: (Un)happy Families in ‘Teorema’ and ‘Visitor Q’

“While ‘Teorema’ and ‘Visitor Q’ share a common DNA, what’s most striking is the way each film uses The Stranger. Both figures bring with them a kind of new order, as if they were missing puzzle pieces for the families that they integrate themselves into.”

Pink Narcissus 1971 Movie - Film Essay

Narcissus’ Pink Mirror: On Fantasy and Queer Desire

“Fantasy exists to create a place of greater safety, a rejection of the real world in favour of one that allows for an open, unapologetic queerness.”

Horror, Exploitation and Audience Complicity - Funny Games Movie Film - Singapore Sling Movie Film - Natural Born Killers Movie Film

It’s Only a Movie: Audience Complicity in Horror and Exploitation Films

“While it might be easy to assume that films like ‘Natural Born Killers’ and ‘Funny Games’ simply demonise their audiences as wanting the thrill of violence without thinking about the consequence of it, the films instead ask questions, instead of only providing answers.”

Ghosts in the Hills: On the Haunting of Hollywood

“Sometimes, films set in and around Hollywood manage to capture a sense about the place that’s strange and uncanny, a place in love with its past and afraid of its future, leaving nothing but ghosts behind to haunt the hills, and to walk the empty mansions.”

Monsters and Hockey Masks: Primal Evil in Slasher Films

“In their own ways, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger all go beyond the real world, and beyond mortality.”

Knife + Heart 2018 Movie

Love Me or Kill Me: Sex, Death and Desire in Yann Gonzalez’s ‘Knife + Heart’

“Sex and death may be inseparable, but, to the commune of queers and pornographers of ‘Knife + Heart,’ so are sex and life.”

We Belong Dead: Immortality and Mourning in Boris Karloff’s Monster Movies

“Imhotep, like the Monster, has come from the dead, and this informs the ways in which he relates to the living. More importantly, it impacts the ways in which he relates to death and mortality.”

Bela and Boris as Bela and Boris: Postmodern Icons in Early Horror

“By playing characters that feel like versions of themselves, both Bela and Boris try to manipulate the iconography that surrounds them, in a postmodern exploration of what it means to be a star, and wonder if it’s possible to escape from their own shadows.”

David Cronenberg Movie Essay - Videodrome

Long Live the New Flesh: Bodies, Horrors and Desires in David Cronenberg’s ‘Crash’ and ‘Videodrome’

“In ‘Crash,’ sex feels like a traffic accident. In ‘Videodrome,’ it becomes the subject of a warped, projected fantasy.”