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Sensual Synths and Death Drones: Listening to ‘It Follows’

“The quickening tempo of non-diegetic, alienating sounds should not be simply viewed as part of a film score, but as an access point into the fear-induced perspectives of the victims within this film world.”

Cannes Film Festival Review: David Robert Mitchell’s ‘Under the Silver Lake’

“It’ll take more than a surface-level appreciation of ‘Under the Silver Lake’ to grasp what lies beneath real threats, instinctive desire and a swilling indebtment to the world that has shaped who we are.”

Justine Peres Smith’s Top 10 Films of 2015

Justine Smith (@redroomrantings) lives and writes in Montreal, Quebec. She has a bachelor’s degree in Film Studies and a passionate hunger for all kinds of cinema. Along with writing for Vague Visages, she has written for Vice Canada, Cleo: A Feminist Journal and Little White Lies Magazine.

Jordan Brooks’ Top 10 Feature Films and Top 5 Documentaries of 2015

Jordan Brooks (@viewtoaqueue) is an increasingly-snobby cinefile based out of London, England. As a contributor to several online publications, including his own blog, he has succeeded in fulfilling his life long dream of imposing strong opinions on others.

Dylan Moses Griffin’s Top 10 Films of 2015

Dylan Moses Griffin has been a cinephile for as long as he can remember. His favorite film is Taxi Driver, and he reads the works of Roger Ebert like it’s scripture. If you want, he will talk to you for 30 minutes about the chronologically weird/amazing Fast and […]

It Follows Movie Review - 2014 David Robert Mitchell Film

Fargo Film Festival Review: David Robert Mitchell’s ‘It Follows’

“By excluding grown ups from the narrative, ‘It Follows’ highlights the perseverance of young adults and their reliance on each other for a shared vision.”