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Better Call Saul Essay - Obsessional Neurosis

‘Better Call Saul’ and Mechanisms of Obsessional Neurosis

“‘Better Call Saul’ is ultimately an interesting case study of adjacency that points to a more sustainable prequel model that television in general might wish to use in future.”

London Film Festival Review: Dee Rees’ ‘Mudbound’

“‘Mudbound’ plays the game and begins with a white man, but, throughout the course of an epic tale, it arrives at a moving destination.”

Two Drink Minimum: ‘Galaxy Quest’, ‘Star Trek’ and the Real World

“‘Galaxy Quest’ remains great as a testament to sci-fi filmmaking, television and reverence to ‘Star Trek’ as a fandom phenomenon which can only be understood and engaged with via postmodern means.”

Preacher Recap: ‘Pilot’ and ‘See’

“It’s clear from the early stages of ‘Preacher’ that Rogen, Goldberg and Catlin are going to be taking a deliberate pace with the material.”

Dudley’s World: The Unpopular Opinion – Movies Should Be Longer

“At its best, film allows viewers to see the world through another person’s eyes, and to live for a fleeting moment in somewhere unexpected and beautiful, so wouldn’t it be wonderful if the purity of that moment could last a just little bit longer?”


FOX’s ‘Gracepoint’ Keeps Getting Better

Four episodes in, FOX’s Gracepoint continues to reel me in with outstanding visuals, excellent pacing and perhaps the best all-around cast on television.