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Alien Movie Essay - 1979 Ridley Scott Film

Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien’ Is a 40-Year-Old Elevated Horror Masterpiece

“If ‘Alien’ came out today, it’d likely be hailed as some sort of genius elevated horror/prestige sci-fi movie. It’s an engrossing, pulse-pounding thriller with brains and a unique and stunning visual style. Forty years later, ‘Alien’ remains one of the best sci-fi AND horror films of all time.”

‘Deep Blue Sea’ Is Still the Biggest, Baddest Shark Movie Since ‘Jaws’

“Unlike its modern genre contemporaries, ‘Deep Blue Sea’ takes itself seriously, creating genuine fear and tension from the characters’ perilous situation.”

How the New French Extremity Is Redefining the Final Girl

“Through buckets of blood, ruined flesh and screams, the New French Extremity is creating a cultural commentary about perceptions of gender and nihilism through the adaptation, and ultimate destruction, of an established horror trope.”

Clothes Make the Man: Remembering Harry Dean Stanton

“Harry Dean Stanton was dependable, durable and made whatever part his own, no matter how big or small.”

Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien: Covenant’: Another Look at the Power of Creation and Destruction

“The stories and conflicts of Scott’s android characters cause viewers to contemplate a number of issues relevant to the human condition.”

Devious Dialogues: Anya Stanley and Mike Thorn on the ‘Alien’ Franchise

Devious Dialogues: A Horror-Themed Column by A.M. Novak and Mike Thorn

Why Criticism: Bechdel and Comics as Film Criticism

A Column on Film Criticism by Justine A. Smith (@redroomrantings)

‘The Martian’ Is a Surprisingly Light-Hearted Success for Ridley Scott

“As a piece of sweeping populist entertainment, The Martian is a great success, despite a couple of issues that perturb throughout.”