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Grey Gardens Documentary

How Questions of Exploitation Stain the Triumph of ‘Grey Gardens’

“The utter sadness of Little and Big Edie’s story is why ‘Grey Gardens’ is so moving — direct cinema allowed this story to be explored with a level of intimacy previously unavailable.”

Gimme Shelter Essay - 1970 Documentary Film

A Storm Is Threat’ning: Perspectives on The Rolling Stones and ‘Gimme Shelter’

“Whether they intended to or not, the ‘Gimme Shelter’ filmmakers had tapped into and exposed a diabolical soul and a deep-seated hostility. The sun that had fleetingly shone so brightly was starting to set.”

Murray Lerner’s ‘Festival’: A Prototype for the Music Documentary

“‘Festival’ challenges our preconceptions about the past – in this case, that of folk music and of music documentaries themselves.”

Review: Albert Maysles’ ‘In Transit’

“‘In Transit’ attests to the possibility of human connection and serves as a reminder to the insights Albert Maysles has given us over the last 50 years.”

Jordan Brooks’ Top 10 Feature Films and Top 5 Documentaries of 2015

Jordan Brooks (@viewtoaqueue) is an increasingly-snobby cinefile based out of London, England. As a contributor to several online publications, including his own blog, he has succeeded in fulfilling his life long dream of imposing strong opinions on others.