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You Gotta Act: The Wild Innocence of Melanie Griffith

“With her beauty– but more importantly, her natural ease and irresistible girlishness — Melanie Griffith presented a form of femininity ideally suited to a specific time of the late 1980s.”

You Gotta Act: The Extreme Sincerity of Meredith Hagner

“Here’s to hoping that Meredith Hagner will continue to make us laugh while taking her ludicrous characters seriously for many more years, just like Marilyn Monroe did before her.”

You Gotta Act: John Cusack’s Passionate and Pragmatic Approach to His Craft

“Looking at Cusack’s entire body of work helps one realise that, with age and experience, he has built an increasingly complex and multifaceted persona, playing off his image in order to counter expectations and, probably, to remain excited by his job.”

You Gotta Act: It’s Paul Rudd’s Time

“The sentiment that Hollywood doesn’t respect comedy persists, but Rudd is living proof that laughter is the secret to eternal youth.”

Critics in Conversation: The Critic and the Actor

In the second part of a three-chapter conversation conducted over months via a large Google Doc, Manuela Lazic and Adam Nayman discuss acting and how film critics interpret performances.

My Summer of Kirsten Dunst: Volume 4

“Marie Antoinette has become queen and left her partying days behind.”

Why Criticism: Writing about Acting and Performance in 2016

A Column on Film Criticism by Justine A. Smith

A Conversation with Jake Macapagal of ‘Metro Manila’

The perks of being a Netflix junkie: sometimes you get what you ask for.