Know the Cast: ‘El Conde’

El Conde Cast - Every Actor and Character in the 2023 Netflix Movie

The El Conde cast features Jaime Vadell, Gloria Münchmcyer and Alfredo Castro. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Pablo Larraín’s 2023 Netflix movie. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.


El Conde takes place in an alternate reality. As an infamous vampire transforms into a Chilean dictator named Augusto Pinochet, he fakes his death after a very public scandal. The narrative follows the titular character as he plans to end his life. Here’s every actor and character in El Conde.

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El Conde Cast: Jaime Vadell as El Conde

El Conde Cast on Netflix -Jaime Vadell as El Conde

Character Profile: A 250-year-old vampire. He is a Chilean dictator who loves English blood. El Conde thinks about his legacy while deciding to end his life.

Vadell’s Resume: Carlos Gross in Coronación (2000), Minister Fernández in No (2012), Padre Silva in The Club (2015), Arturo Alessandri in Neruda (2016), Agustín “Cucho” Vial in Tranquilo Papá (2017-18)

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El Conde Cast: Gloria Münchmeyer as Lucía

El Conde Cast on Netflix -Gloria Münchmeyer as Lucía

Character Profile: El Conde’s French wife. She is a former sex worker who cheats on her husband. Lucía looks after her best interests.

Münchmeyer’s Resume: Lucrecia in La Luna en el Espejo (1990), Nélida “Nelly” Rojo in Versus (2005), Miss Hellen Harper in El Laberinto de Alicia (2011), Violeta Riesco in Chipe Libre (2014-15), Berta del Río in 42 Days of Darkness (2022)

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El Conde Cast: Alfredo Castro as Fyodor

El Conde Cast on Netflix - Alfredo Castro as Fyodor

Character Profile: El Conde’s vampire butler. He is a master of torture who once established a concentration camp after seeking revenge for familial injustice during the Russian Revolution. Fyodor carries on an affair with Lucía.

Castro’s Resume: Raúl Peralta in Tony Manero (2008), Lucho Guzmán in No (2012), Padre Vidal in The Club (2015), Tony Manero in From Afar (2015), Leonardo in El Refugio (2022)

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El Conde Cast: Paula Luchsinger as Carmencita

El Conde Cast on Netflix - Paula Luchsinger as Carmencita

Character Profile: An exorcist nun. She is a mathematical genius from a military family. Carmencita interviews El Conde about his life.

Luchsinger’s Resume: Celeste Ibarra in La Jauría (2019-22), Blanca Noriega in Yo Soy Lorenzo (2019-20), María in Ema (2019), Invitada Fiesta Casa Inés in Spider (2019), Jeimy Contreras in Amar Profundo (2021-22),

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The El Conde cast also includes:

  • Stella Gonet as Margaret
  • Catalina Guerra as Luciana
  • Amparo Noguera as Mercedes
  • Antonia Zegers as Jacinta
  • Marcial Tagle as Anibal
  • Diego Muñoz as Manuel
  • Claude Pinoche as Clemente Rodríguez

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