Know the Cast & Characters: ‘Stromboli’

Stromboli Cast - Every Actor and Character in the 2022 Netflix Movie

The Stromboli cast features Elise Schaap, Tim McInnerny and Christian Hillborg. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for Michiel van Erp’s 2022 movie on Netflix. Check out more streaming guides in Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section.

Stromboli centers on a divorced woman named Sara. When the protagonist attends a self-help retreat in Sicily, she is forced to confront painful memories. The narrative follows Sara as she develops a series of meaningful friendships with people of different backgrounds. Here’s every actor and character in Stromboli, an adaptation of Saskia Noort’s novel.

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Stromboli Cast: Elise Schaap as Sara

Stromboli Cast on Netflix - Elise Schaap as Sara

Character Profile: A Dutch woman who vacations in Sicily. She tries to improve her life after blowing up her marriage. Sara learns to drop her guard while conversing with several retreat guests.

Schaap’s Resume: Ruxandra Kruys in Familie Kruys (2015-19), Danielle van Marken in Undercover (2019-22), Cato in So What Is Love (2019), Daniëlle van Marken in Ferry (2021), Isabel Luijten in Faithfully Yours (2022)

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Stromboli Cast: Tim McInnerny as Harold

Stromboli Cast on Netflix - Tim McInnerny as Harold

Character Profile: A Sicilian retreat guest. He is a Dutch millionaire with little relationship experience. Harold doesn’t like the concept of sex.

McInnerny’s Resume: Max in Notting Hill (1999), Richard in Severance (2006),  Robett Glover in Game of Thrones (2016-17), Prince Regent in Peterloo (2018), Paul Siemons in The Serpent (2021)

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Stromboli Cast: Christian Hillborg as Jens

Stromboli Cast on Netflix - Christian Hillborg as Jens

Character Profile: A retreat leader. He is a calm man who tries to help several guests. Jens welcomes Sara into his group.

Hillborg’s Resume: Erik in The Last Kingdom (2017), Klare in Fleabag (2019), Kris Borgli in The Beta Test (2021), Ludvig in Suedi (2021), Martin Lorentzon in The Playlist (2022)

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Stromboli Cast: Pieter Embrechts as Hans

Stromboli Cast on Netflix - Pieter Embrechts as Hans

Character Profile: A retreat guest. He struggles with cocaine-induced psychosis. Hans develops a sexual relationship with Sara.

Embrechts’ Resume: Douglas in Wolven (2012-13), Guy Moliers in Smeris (2015), Olivier Rodenburg in De Rodenburgs (2009-11), Kamiel in Familie Kruys (2017-18), Alex in Instinct (2019)

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Stromboli Cast: Anna Chancellor as Diane

Stromboli Cast on Netflix - Anna Chancellor as Diane

Character Profile: A retreat guest. She is an English woman who maintains two jobs. Diane hasn’t fully accepted her son’s death.

Chancellor’s Resume: Henrietta — Wedding Two in Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994), Glynnis Payne in What a Girl Wants (2003), Mother in The Dreamers (2003), Questular Rontok in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005), Frances Gaunt in Pennyworth (2019-22)

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Stromboli Cast: Neerja Naik as Thandi

Stromboli Cast on Netflix - Neerja Naik as Thandi

Character Profile: A chef. She prepares organic meals for Jens’ guests. Thandi takes a gentle approach while conversing with Sara.

Naik’s Resume: Tuli S. Banerjee in Life Goes On (2009), Kareema Hassan/Naima “Naims” Shamsi in Casualty (2010-18), Anita in Sold (2014), Pari in London’s Finest (2014), Jo Harland in Doctors (2017)

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Stromboli Cast: Taz Munyaneza as Violet

Stromboli Cast on Netflix - Taz Munyaneza as Violet

Character Profile: A retreat guest. She is a model with a cocaine problem. Violet opens up to Sara about fashion industry predators.

Munyaneza’s Resume: Yasmiin in The One (2021)

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The Stromboli cast also includes:

  • Marisa Van Eyle as Helene
  • Adriano Chiaramida as Pietro
  • Simone Coppo as Luigi
  • Mark van Eeuwen as Karel
  • Anna Loeffen as Sophie
  • Max Groeliken as Young Sara
  • Rifka Lodeizen as Young Mother Sara
  • Olga Zuiderhoek as Older Mother Sara
  • Bert Hana as Young Father Sara
  • Kees Hulst as Older Father Sara

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