Know the Cast: ‘Cry Macho’

Cry Macho Cast - Every Main Performer and Character in the 2021 Movie

The Cry Macho cast includes Clint Eastwood, Fernanda Urrejola and Eduardo Minett. This info article contains minor spoilers and character details for the 2021 movie on HBO Max. Check out Vague Visages’ Know the Cast section for more streaming guides.

Based on N. Richard Nash’s 1975 novel, Cry Macho follows an ex-rodeo star named Mike Milo. He travels to Mexico City to locate his boss’ teenage son, and then attempts to bring the boy to the U.S. border. Clint Eastwood directed and stars in the Western film, which features a supporting performance from a country music legend. Here’s a rundown of all the main performers and characters in Cry Macho.

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Cry Macho Cast: Clint Eastwood as Mike Milo

Cry Macho Cast - Clint Eastwood as Mike Milo

Character Profile: A former rodeo star whose life spiraled out of control after the death of his wife and son. In 1980, he agrees to repay a debt by finding his American boss’ son in Mexico City. Mike travels to the U.S. border with a 13-year-old boy named Rafo.

Eastwood’s Resume: The Man with No Name in Sergio Leone’s “Dollars Trilogy” (1964-1966), Harry Callahan in the Dirty Harry Movie Franchise (1971-1988), Bill Munny in Unforgiven (1992), Frankie Dunn in Million Dollar Baby (2004), Walt Kowalski in Gran Torino (2008)

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Cry Macho Cast: Eduardo Minett as Rafael “Rafo” Polk

Cry Macho Cast - Eduardo Minett as Rafael "Rafo" Polk

Character Profile: The 13-year-old son of Mike’s boss. He’s a cockfighter in Mexico City who has been physically abused in the past. Rafo agrees to reunite with his father in America, and brings along his chicken Macho for the trip.

Minett’s Resume: Various Characters in La rosa de Guadalupe (2014-20), Various Characters in Como dice el dicho (2015-18), Bryan Conde Restrepo in Papá a Toda Madre (2018)

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Cry Macho Cast: Dwight Yoakam as Howard Polk

Cry Macho Cast - Dwight Yoakam as Howard Polk

Character Profile: Mike’s boss. He fires Eastwoood’s character due to his decline as a horse trainer. Howard hopes to gain leverage in a legal battle by reuniting with his son.

Yoakam’s Resume: An American Country Music Singer — Also, Doyle Hargraves in Sling Blade (1996), Mr. Kroeger in Wedding Crashers (2005), Doc Miles in Crank (2006), Warden Burns in Logan Lucky (2017)

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Cry Macho Cast: Natalia Traven as Marta

Cry Macho Cast - Natalia Traven as Marta

Character Profile: A cantina owner in a small Mexican town. She takes a liking to Mike and appreciates his gentleman behavior. Marta looks after the children of her deceased daughter.

Traven’s Resume: Lita in Collateral Damage (2002), Soledad in Bedtime Fairy Tales for Crocodiles (2002), Lupe in Trade (2007), Maestro de Ceremonias in Kada kien su karma (2008), Juanita in Soulmates (2020)

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Cry Macho Cast: Fernanda Urrejola as Leta

Cry Macho Cast - Fernanda Urrejola as Leta

Character Profile: Rafo’s mother. She lives in a luxurious Mexico City home and taunts Mike when he arrives. Leta is accused of letting her son get abused by local men.

Urrejola’s Resume: Katia Jorquera in 20añero a los 40 (2016), María Elvira in Narcos: Mexico (2018-20), Gabriela in After Her (2019), Gloria Acosta in Party of Five (2020), Becca in Blue Miracle (2021)

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Cry Macho Cast: Horacio Garcia Rojas as Aurelio

Cry Macho Cast - Horacio Garcia Rojas as Aurelio

Character Profile: Leta’s henchman. He tracks down Mike and Rafo in Mexico. Aurelia experiences the wrath of Macho.

Rojas’ Resume: Santos in Julia (2008), Buffalo Hump in Texas Rising (2015), Tomás Morlet in Narcos: Mexico (2018), Elvis Infante in Diablero (2018-20), Commandante Rafael Becerril in S.O.Z: Soldados o Zombies (2021)

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The Cry Macho cast also includes Elida Munoz (For Rosa), Lincoln A. Castellanos (Fear the Walking Dead, Mayans M.C. ), Brytnee Ratledge (Only the Brave, Longmire), Amber Lynn Ashley (A Deadly Price for Her Pretty Face, After Masks) and Alexandra Ruddy (Jersey Boys, City of Lies).

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